IAIH Mission

The mission of the International Association of Interpersonal Hypnotherapists is to set the standard for the education and ethical practice of Interpersonal Hypnotherapists worldwide.  Through the efforts of Board and Association Members, IAIH intends to continue to raise the standards of Hypnotherapy training in a way that nourishes the unique qualities of an Interpersonal Hypnotherapist.  Through public awareness, high ethical standards, compliance with Federal and State standards of education, transparency, continuing education and synergistic growth, IAIH works to lead the way in global transformation through honoring the importance of relationships in every aspect of the human experience.


IAIH Association Values

  • Member Driven
  • Relationship Centered
  • High Standards in Education
  • Excellence in Core Competencies
  • Clarity in Policy and Procedure
  • Integrity in Consumer Affairs
  • Consistency in Credentialing
  • Dynamic and Adaptable Growth
  • Leadership Amongst Equality
  • Business Ethics and Standards
  • Accountability Amongst Peers
  • Measurable Educational Objectives
  • Open and Sustainable Resources
  • Global Vision – Individual Success
  • Conscious Communications


IAIH Association Standards

In the relatively brief history of the standards of Hypnotherapy Education many organizations have developed to facilitate the credentialing, examining and educating of the schools and practitioners of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy.  The International Association of Interpersonal Hypnotherapists honors the good work of these many fine organizations and respects their pioneering and continuing work.  The IAIH came into existence to support the international free and open practice of Hypnotherapy, while raising the standards of the finest Hypnotherapy organizations in existence, while fostering a space for the field of Interpersonal Hypnotherapy to grow and prosper.


These standards include:


Recognition and Protection:  IAIH works on every level to protect the free and open practice of Hypnotherapy.  This includes a dedicated team of professionals who work with federal, state, county and city levels of government to ensure Hypnotherapy is recognized as the respectable occupation that it rightly deserves.


State-Licensure:   IAIH has strict requirements for its approved educational institutions. Schools must be licensed by their respective State’s Department of Education and maintain regular on-site visits through state-inspectors.  Yearly license renewal is required where compliance with all Federal, State, County and City rules and laws are maintained.  Schools not meeting these standards are placed upon probation and lose IAIH certification if contingencies are not met within IAIH acceptable timeframes.


Hours of Training:  IAIH certified schools must offer a minimum of 500 hours of State-Licensed Hypnotherapy training with a curriculum that is approved by the IAIH to be in alignment with our standards, protocols and teachings.  IAIH practitioners are unique in their training in Interpersonal Hypnotherapy principles.  All approved schools follow strict guidelines to ensure core competencies are met and that educational objectives are achieved.


Ethics:  All IAIH schools and practitioners sign a Code of Ethics requiring the highest available standards in education and professional practice.  School and/or practitioner certification are revoked if a designated IAIH Review Board determines that actions have violated IAIH rules and ethics.


Continuing Education:  All IAIH schools are required to engage in a minimum of 8 continuing hours of education per year in topics that include, yet are not limited to: compliance, admissions, career services, eLearning, financial aid, marketing, management, operations, retention and placement rates.  All IAIH certified practitioners are required to engage in 15 hours of Hypnotherapy related education every year through IAIH approved organizations.