As the first hypnotherapy school licensed by the Florida Department of Education and certified through the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners, the Florida Institute of Hypnotherapy has been very active in the topic of Florida Hypnosis Law.  Matthew Brownstein, CHT our School's Director and Lead Instructor is the official Florida representative of the Hypnotherapists Union Local 472 and has worked hard to protect the free and open practice of Hypnotherapy in the State of Florida.

Florida Hypnosis Statutes were written in 1961 as an attempt to limit the practice of hypnosis to proper "licensed practitioners of the healing arts."  The law did not ban anyone from doing hypnosis, it only worked to regulate what hypnosis can be used for depending on who is using it.  For instance, a dentist can use hypnosis for dentistry, but not psychology and a psychologist can use hypnosis for psychology, but not dentistry.  For someone to use hypnosis for a purpose in which they do not have the appropriate credentials then that person needs the prescription, referral, supervision or direction from the proper "licensed practitioner of the healing arts."

For those who are practicing hypnotherapy without being one of the listed "licensed practitioners of the healing arts", then that person needs to be aware of scope of practice assessment to ensure that he or she is not practicing medical or therapeutic hypnosis without a prescription, referral, supervision or direction.  When hypnosis is used for non-therapeutic and non-medical purposes, such as in motivation or test performance, then no prescription, referral, direction or supervision is needed.

Florida Hypnosis Law is not clear about what is therapeutic and what is not.  At the Florida Institute of Hypnotherapy students are trained in scope of practice assessment protocols to know when a licensed practitioner of the healing arts is required and when a client or prospective client needs to be referred out.


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