Raising the Standards of Hypnotherapy

Andrew Green, CCHt

Andrew Green is an active member with the International Association of Interpersonal Hypnotherapists and a graduate of the Institute of Interpersonal Hypnotherapy; one of the most comprehensive Hypnotherapy trainings in the country. He is well-trained in Eye Movement Therapy, Hypnotic Programming, Modified Gestalt Therapy, Hypnotic Regression, Holotropic Breathwork, as well as Neuro-Linguistic Programming and other related modalities. Beginning in 2015 Andrew now serves as a Director on the faculty of the Institute as a teacher and trainer in Salt Lake City, UT.

Andrew’s passion for hypnotherapy comes from his innate desire to help people accomplish their goals and live fuller, richer lives. For years he explored various therapies gaining a greater understanding of how true healing occurs. He has studied and apprenticed with Shamans and healers of many different cultures. Although many therapies and modalities appeal to Andrew he has concentrated his work solely on the deepest levels, being the mental, emotional, and spiritual planes.

During his training, Andrew has used Hypnotherapy to dramatically change his own life. Through the powerful use of Hypnotherapy Andrew was able to overcome lifetime fears and negative programming, heal unresolved hurt from past relationships, and remarkably he was even able to overcome diagnosed depression. There is rarely a day where you won’t find Andrew utilizing hypnosis to achieve new goals or find deep serenity and peace.

Andrew’s enthusiasm for hypnotherapy carries out in a ripple-like effect to all those who surround him. He often lectures before professional organizations, holds holistic meditation retreats, and promotes the healing benefits of this work. His wife and family are Andrew’s biggest supporters. As much as he loves his work, he loves spending every precious moment that he can with his lovely wife and two beautiful children. Having such a rich and full life, Andrew finds it easy to allow his cup to over-spill into other lives by offering help to those that are financially restricted. 

What makes Andrew unique as a hypnotherapist is the personal attention and care he gives to his clients. When you are with him he is intensely focused on you, your goals, and your healing. When you are in his office, his greatest desire is to help you achieve your goals in the quickest amount of time possible. His approach involves using numerous techniques; every client is unique, therefore each session is unique and customized to the needs of the client.