Raising the Standards of Hypnotherapy

Directions & Locations


To get to Anahat Education Group and the Institute of Hypnotherapy, it is best to park in the Fort Brooke Parking Garage located at 107 North Franklin Street.  Street parking is only 2 hours and is not good for private sessions or day-long classes. (We are in the PNC building on the 34th floor located at 201 North Franklin Street, Suite #3415.)





Hypnotherapy Training Locations


Tampa, Florida

Director/Instructor, Cheryl Mitchell, CIHt

201 N. Franklin Street, Suite #3415, Tampa, Florida


South Florida/Miami, Florida 

Director/Instructor, Renukha Arjoon, CIHt
3475 Sheridan St. #216, Hollywood, Florida

Charlotte, North Carolina

Director/Instructor, Patricia F. Malecki, CCHt

10800 Sikes Place, Suite 300, Office #10, Charlotte, North Carolina


Dallas, Texas

Director/Instructor, Julie Matthews, CIHt

1111 S Main Street, Suite 100-1, Grapevine, Texas


Boulder, Colorado

Director, Bryan Robins - Instructor, Matthew Brownstein

1800 30th Street, Suite 216, Boulder, Colorado

Salt Lake City, Utah

Director/Instructor, Andrew Green, CIHt

555 E 4500 S Ste. C-250, Salt Lake City, Utah

Santa Barbara, California

Director, Patricia Muesse, CCHt - Instructor, Matthew Brownstein

16 W. Mission Street, Santa Barbara, California


San Diego, California

Director, Andrew Green, CCHt

1455 Frazee Road, Suite 500, San Diego, California

Virginia Beach, Virginia

Director, Aradia Robertson, CCHt

3104 Arctic Avenue, Virginia Beach, Virgnia