Raising the Standards of Hypnotherapy

Dr. Hank Clemons

“Dr. Hank” is founder and CEO of the Society of Emotional Intelligence (SoEI) International, LLC – an organization created to bring emotional intelligence into practice in all walks of life including schools, families, organizations, and communities.


He also maintains a private practice as an Emotional Health Specialist and Emotional Intelligence Coach. He has over 20 years of experience working with adults with various issues including but not limited to: Anger, Anxiety, Coping Skills, Grief, Impulse Control, Relationship, Self-Esteem and Stress Management. The non-medical services is aimed at preventing the development of or exacerbation of a mental health conditions.

He is a Training Partner with MHS and conducts certification workshops worldwide in the EQ-i 2.0/360 emotional intelligence assessment. – the most widely used EQ assessment on the market today.

He has authored several books including:

  • EQ is for EVERYONE – Second Edition
  • Applying Emotional Intelligence from Mail Room to Board Room (2008)
  • Could Your Emotional Intelligence Be Holding You Back? (2012)
  • 21 Ways to Improve your Emotional Intelligence (2014)


Dr. Hank is lives in Orlando, FL and is learning to play the trombone.