How Hypnotherapy Enhances the Transformational Process
What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?

Matthew Brownstein, executive director of the Florida Institute of Hypnotherapy and CEO of Anahat Education Group, Inc, wholeheartedly believes that every individual is blessed with an incredible potential that is waiting to unfold. After logging more than a combined total of 16,000 hours in the classroom and in his clinical practice, Brownstein’s observations have taught him that individuals instinctively know that they are meant to fulfill a purpose in their own inimitable way.

After teaching hundredss of students who were studying to become a certified hypnotherapist, as well as working one-on-one with thousands of clients, the President of the International Association of Interpersonal Hypnotherapists, clearly saw that within each of us is a longing to be loved and love others fully and completely. He also surmised that beyond a doubt, all humans long for rewarding lives of purpose, meaning, and vision.

From Brownstein’s observations and reflections arose a deeper realization that within each of us exists a twofold purpose: to heal ourselves and once we have a sense of our wholeness, to heal others. He proposes that hypnotherapy can help us to tap into our intuitive knowing that by achieving our fullest potential and uplifting the lives of others, our own life is more meaningful.

How can hypnotherapy help individuals to discover their purpose and live out their full potential?

Studies show that our sense of self-esteem is formed by age 4. Although we don’t have conscious memories of our self-limiting beliefs and ideas stored in our subconscious, in adulthood they are the basis for how we function and interact with others and the world around us. It is our unconscious childhood programming that draws to us the people and circumstances that support these beliefs.

Hypnotherapy deals with the subconscious mind—the storehouse of our memories, emotions, belief systems and imagination. Initially, after an in-depth interview, a hypnotherapist uses techniques that help the client to consciously identify any limiting programming that is impeding their happiness and success.

An individual learns to use the hypnotherapeutic techniques that help them to change their belief systems and develop a more positive sense of self-worth and self-talk. Without removing the unconscious mental and emotional blocks to an improved sense of self-esteem, the limiting programming continues in the form of self-sabotaging behavior. This undermines the ability to develop a larger vision and actualize our full potential.

Most people look in the wrong place for their life purpose—the past, which doesn’t exist. It is the heart of the inner child that holds the key to our life purpose. However, the inner child is frequently dysfunctional and emotionally immature, therefore we first have to help it heal and grow into an emotionally mature and spiritually aware, fully functioning adult.

Hypnotherapy helps individuals to get clear, live passionately in the moment and listen to their true inner guidance system. Using the altered state of hypnosis, and meditation to learn to live in the moment, means being able to focus attention on the inner voice, where true guidance comes from within. When we learn to trust our joy and follow our bliss, a life of wonder and amazement begins to unfold. Ask yourself: If fear were not an option, what would I do? If I know I can’t fail, what will I do?

Matthew Brownstein is an author of numerous books and lectures extensively on the topics of spirituality, hypnotherapy and prosperity. He offers free self-improvement classes Monday nights online at 7 p.m. at For more information call 800-551-9247.