What is Freedom - Can Hypnotherapy Help

This is synopisis of topic discussed most recently during a free Monday night webinar on Septmeber 2, 2013.


What was the topic of this Monday Night Hypnotherpay class?


Provided by Matthew Brownstein and the Florida Institute of Hypnotherapy it is an exploration from the world’s spiritual and healing traditions of what the word “freedom” truly means.  Here we explore whether Hypnotherapy has a place in individual, social, financial and spiritual freedom.


Everyone wants to be free, yet how many of us can say that we are? 


We all live with some level of fear.  We all live with some level of limitation and we all live with some level of doubt and uncertainty.  Many of us know what it is like to live bound by debt, medications, negative emotions, obligations and physical pains and limitations.  The real question addressed in this Monday Night Free class is whether Hypnotherapy can truly liberate us from all of these pains or if freedom is really meant to be understood on an entirely different level.



Hypnotherapy offers the ability to transform so many aspects of our minds that have limited us. 


When we look deeply enough we see that our limitations are largely self-imposed and that the lives that we are living are the result of our past programming, past decisions and past thinking.  However, no matter how much we change our minds, can we truly ever know what real freedom is?  With Transpersonal Hypnotherapy, the answer is yes, because to transcend the person means that the Spirit that we are can indeed know what it means to be truly free.


How does transpersonal Hypnotherapy Training help us guide others in experiencing freedom?


Without a transpersonal aspect to Hypnotherapy Training, then we are limited to how much we can help someone to experience what the world’s great wisdom traditions speak of when they use terms like “liberation”, “salvation” or “enlightenment.”  If we are only limited to a conscious and subconscious, or to a body and a brain, then we never truly open to the unlimited being that we truly are. 


Transpersonal Hypnotherapy allows us to go beyond all limitations, even while they still exist.  We can have a body that Hypnotherapy can help to heal, yet knowing ourselves as Spirit allows for a freedom that exists regardless of the condition of the body.  Hypnotherapy can help us to become financially free, yet as Spirit we are free regardless of our current financial situation. 

Through creating and manifesting techniques we can use Hypnotherapy to manifest the new home, the new car or the new career, yet even while we are improving our lives through time, we can know and experience freedom in each and every moment. 


Hypnotherapy training that allows us to go into the Transpersonal unlocks the doors to undreamed of potentials, while we continue to improve our lives and the lives of others.




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