What does Hypnotherapy Tell Us About the After-Life

This is synopisis of topic discussed most recently during a free Monday night webinar on Septmeber 2, 2013.


What was the topic of this Monday Night Hypnotherpay class?


Provided by Matthew Brownstein and the Florida Institute of Hypnotherapy it is an exploration from the world’s spiritual and healing traditions of what the word “freedom” truly means.  Here we explore whether Hypnotherapy has a place in individual, social, financial and spiritual freedom.



Hypnotherapy touches on the how we think about the after-life.

Everyone wonders what happens to us after we die. 

Some have concluded that we must be spiritual beings and consider this as a matter of faith.  Others have had Near-Death Experiences and report an absolute experience as being away from their body.  Still countless others report out-of-body experiences that occur either spontaneously or even voluntarily where they clearly know themselves to be other than the mortal human being.  Even those that have concluded that they will just have to wait and see what happens are still in the same position as everyone who has ever lived – we all know that there is an inevitability that can be called bodily death.

Many in the field of Hypnotherapy and especially in the realms of Transpersonal Hypnotherapy have pondered this question from a very unique perspective. 

Without even intending to, many well-intentioned practitioners of Hypnosis have regressed people to the cause of their problems only to find stories arising out of the subconscious mind that simply were not from this lifetime.  The question of course arises as to whether these stories are actual history or if they are simply just metaphorical journeys conjured upon by a mind that is known for dreams, imagination and emotions.  If there is any truth to these memories as being real, then the very popular belief in reincarnation may just hold true.

Now if we open to the concept that some of these memories are actual historical events, then we can also open to the concept of exploring what happens after bodily death in a “past-life.”  - Matthew Brownstein

Life - Between - Life

If the person a can remember what happened during a previous incarnation, then we can certainly ask if they can remember what has now become known as the Life-Between-Lives.  Not only are the modalities of Past-Life Regression and Life-Between-Life Regression proving to be very effective in transforming people’s present day challenges, yet they tend to open people’s minds to realties of the non-physical and lead to rather universal experiences of peace, love, light, joy and oneness.



The realities reported in the Life-Between-Lives are generally quite benevolent and beatific, thus also supporting very popular beliefs that the realms of Spirit are truly realms of love and light. 


For those of a skeptical nature there will also be the problem of the conscious mind demanding proof, yet for those who wish to simply explore the nature of their own deep inner minds, question who they truly are, and remain in a place of wonder and awe, then Hypnotherapy can open to the realms of the spiritual truly paving the way for a journey of self-discovery and self-realization that proves to be helpful, beneficial and quite enlightening.



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