The Florida Institute of Hypnotherapy is the place to become a hypnotist.

The Florida Institute of Hypnotherapy is the place to become a hypnotist.

Miracles – If You Become a Hypnotist Will There be a Connection?

Miracles have long been associated with religion and the saints and sages of those religions, yet more and more miracles have been attributed to hypnosis and the incredible power of the mind.  This Monday night class at the Florida Institute of Hypnotherapy online discusses the vital role of allowing a shift to occur in the mind that leads to measurable affects upon the body.

  • This is synopsis of topic discussed most recently during a free Monday night webinar on October 7th, 2013.
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How does hypnosis fit in to the potential of miracles?

When in an altered state we gain more access to the subconscious mind.   Once you become a hypnotist you assist your clients to connect with their subconscious.

How does connecting with your subconscious mind relate to miracles?

This is the part of our being that is said to regulate all involuntary bodily functions and is the dynamo that directs our energy.  It stores memories, belief and emotions.   When the subconscious mind is in conflict with itself it can cause tremendous harm to the physical body.  When this mind is brought back to balance and to peace, then the body quite often responds in ways that can only be called miraculous.  This is something that people witness daily once they become a hypnotist.

Please enjoy our preview on this call through our Youtube video  "Miracles - If You Become a Hypnotist Will There Be A Connection?" - you'll find some nice quotes such as -

There are two ways to live: you can live as if nothing is a miracle

you can live as if everything is a miracle.   ---  Albert Einstein


Where do miracles happen?

According to A Course in Miracles, the miracle is not something that occurs on the physical level, yet rather on the mental level.

It states that all healing is mental healing because only the mind can be sick and only the mind is in need of healing.  This does not appear to be the case because the body appears to be its own cause, yet from a metaphysical point-of-view it is the mind that is always considered causal.

When an individual is empowered to understand that their mind can heal their body – most people see that the time for that change is now.

Miracles - do we “put them off”?

Referring back to A Course in Miracles again, it is said that all healing is inevitable, yet we are capable of tremendous delay and from a model that comes from the perspective of eternity, this delay can be quite a long time.

However, once the mind is brought to a state of “miracle-readiness”, then the mental shift needed for the subconscious to cause almost instantaneous shifts in the body is not far behind.

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The altered state of hypnosis allows us to pave the way for the mental changes that are so crucial for true healing.  With Hypnotherapy and all of its related modalities it becomes very easy for the experienced practitioner to see that miracles are indeed possible and that they are not relegated only to the saints and sages of the world.

Through Hypnotherapy we can all learn to perform true miracles. You can become a keystone to this process when you become a hypnotist.

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