aints sages and hypnotherpists - when you become a hypnotist can you see a connection

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Saints - Sages - and Hypnotherapists ~ If You Become a Hypnotist Will See a Connection?

Hypnotherapy has its roots going back to some very great minds who were true pioneers in the fields of working with the mind and transforming the individual from within.  However, for thousands of years before Franz Anton Mesmer ever began experimenting with what became known as Mesmerism, there have been great saints and sages who have taught the world ways to become truly happy, healthy and free.  

Can you find a connection when learning to become a Hypnotist or Hypnotherapist?

At the Florida Institute of Hypnotherapy’s comprehensive State-Licensed Hypnotherapy School, we have intentionally rooted our curriculum in the world’s great wisdom traditions and of course, those traditions all began with human beings in one way or another.

Saints and sages, are simple human beings true - but thet were not “ordinary people” in any sense.  

When we explore the great spiritual and religious traditions of the world we find people who had found true joy, true unconditional love and true devotion and service to humanity through their inner quest for the Divine.  What we learn from the world’s great mystics is that when we touch the very essence our of being, we inevitably plunge into an infinite sea of oneness that moves us to unbearable compassion and joyous service.

Please enjoy our preview on this class through our Youtube video  "Become a Hypnotist - Connection Between Saints, Sages and Hypnotherapists?" - you'll find some nice quotes such as -

Start by doing what's necessary;

then do what's possible;

and suddenly you are doing the impossible.

~~ Francis of Assisi



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Why become a Hypnotist or a Hypnotherapist?

Is there a connection to becoming a sage -
is there any saintly qualities to be revealed?
So many of us have searched for a career where we can express ourselves fully. 

We’ve longed for a profession where we can bring in spiritual themes and speak openly of love, forgiveness and compassion. We’ve longed to go beyond diagnoses and medications and we’ve longed for an education that would guide us on our own spiritual path and bring out the very best in us.  An education in Hypnotherapy can indeed do all of that and so much more. 

Hypnosis is so much more than just behavior modification.

It has the ability to touch the very heart of a human being and to align him or her with the deepest truths that the great saints and sages of the world have tapped into for millennia.  

This truth resides within all of us and our free Monday night classes are great ways to share in something that we all know deep down inside.
There are so many ways the world expands when you become a hypnotists.

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