Hypnotherapy Training - thoughts on Connecting to Your Higher Self


Hypnotherapy Training can move you on paths that not only help others – but can deeply enrich your own life.

There are many ways a person can find a connection to their Higher self. Some find it in a moment of religious connection, others have had it come to them when moments in their lives come together and touch them. Hypnotherapy is another way.

Hypnotherapy training can help someone shed the trappings of their everyday life and touch something that is so much more core to who they are.

Enjoy our Youtube that provides you with some key ideas about the subject of our “Higher Selves.”

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Here below is that experience as described by Matthew Brownstein, director of the Florida Institute of Hypnotherapy. Matthew leads our Monday Night Free Webinars.

“Through many traditions, including Hypnotherapy, I was introduced to the concept of a Higher Self that was somehow above and beyond my conscious and subconscious mind. This was often called Superconscious, Oversoul, God or my Higher and Wiser Mind - and had many names depending on the tradition I was engaged in. From my initial experience of that Reality, I had known that it was all-pervading and everywhere, yet at the same time I knew that I was only tapping into a glimpse of the grandeur of that which is beyond what any human being can conceive of.

No matter how high the experiences became, the truth is that there was always something higher. In time, I discovered that there is indeed a source to all manifestation, yet that there was always another aspect of the Divine that was there to be explored.

In the Free Monday Night Classes at the Florida Institute of Hypnotherapy we often explore the notion of Higher Self and how we can tap into the many aspects of this Reality.

My personal journey into the spiritual path began with an initial awakening experience that came completely out of the blue. I was not expecting to have an experience of oneness-consciousness and had never heard of it before, yet in that moment of grace, I knew who I was, what I was meant to do and discovered instantly the perfection and wholeness of who I really am. The experience did not last long, yet it began a path of personal discovery that led to finding ways to connect again and again to that incredible peace, bliss and overwhelming joy.

We question our place in relationship to it and how being connected to a higher consciousness has a profound ability to truly change our lives. Being in touch with a source of guidance, wisdom and truth is always beneficial, and leads to a certainty with which we can live our lives with much more clarity and confidence. Connecting to Higher Self through Hypnosis has significant and far reaching effects into our lives and into the lives of others.

As I have often said, the journey is not always easy, yet it is well worth the price of admission.”

We hope that your journey is strong and light as you go through Hypnotherapy Training.


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