Become a Hypnotherapist - Choose the Hypnotherapy school that's right for you!


Success - Wanting to Become a Hypnotherapist

Where do you start on the way to become a Hypnotherapist?

To become a Hypnotherapist might seem like a simple choice, yet with a large variety of unregulated trainings out there it is important for a potential student to understand some of the basics of a quality education and also to be aware that education is nothing if success in one’s profession is not also achieved.

How can you tell one Hypnosis course or Hypnotherapy training from another?

Education begins with the quality of credentials that a school holds. At a minimum, a school should be licensed by their respective State’s Department of Education to call themselves a school. Without a State-Regulatory body, then schools easily operate as they wish and the consumer is not well-protected, educational standards can easily remain low and operating procedures can be lacking.

Here's a handy youtube video on the check list of what to look for in a school - below that you'll find our check list if you would like to paste and copy it - or simply bookmark the page.



Here's a check list of what to look for in a Hypnotherapy School:

To become a successful Hypnotherapist:

  1. Check with your respective State’s Department of Education to find a school that is maintaining its current license in good standing.
  2. Check the school’s placement and retention rates.

                        What are the things to look for?

  • A good school should have a high retention rate (retention is a term that easily measure how many students actually graduate.)
  • The Hypnotherapy school will also have a high placement rate (placement is a term that measures how many positive graduate outcomes occur from the school.)

The Florida Department of Education requires that licensed schools check with graduates after 6 months to see if their graduates are using their education in a professional way.

Use the Florida Institute of Hypnotherapy as an example for your check list.

  1. Licensing:
  • The Florida Institute of Hypnotherapy maintains up to date licencing.

In fact - TFIOH was the first Hypnotherapy school to be licensed by the Florida Department of Education to offer career diplomas in Hypnotherapy, Clinical Hypnotherapy and Transpersonal Hypnotherapy.           


     2.  Students staying through the hypnotherapy programs.


  • Our current retention rate for the reporting year of 2013 was over 98%


     3.  Student's being employed after receiving diplomas from TFIOH.


  •  The Florida Institute of Hypnotherapy successful graduate outcomes has consistently been over 90%.

Are there other things to consider when looking for a school?

Consider why our school has such student retention and success rates. There are three major reasons for Florida Institute of Hypnotherapy's success:

  1. The success in retention comes from our love of our students.
  2. The love our students have for the kind of  Hypnotherapy Training they get at the Florida Institute of Hypnotherapy also contributes to our great scores.
  3.  The love of what the profession does for the world and feeling comfortable in their degrees to be able to help through that profession.

Is there anymore to finding the right school when your end goal is success as a Hypnotherapist?

Another consideration is the business you set up when you become a Hypnotherapist.

  • How does a school prepare you for that?


The success of our graduates to become a Hypnotherapist in full-time or part-time practice is due to a very comprehensive advertising and marketing course, which combines perfectly with advanced training in business and practice management. When you combine a comprehensive curriculum of over 500 hours with State-Licensed Diplomas and proven advertising and marketing strategies, then you end up with happy students, successful graduates and a school that is proud to be consistently raising the standards of Hypnotherapy Certification.

Altogether - keep your standards high - and aim for your goal of success - by all definitions -  when you become a Hypnotherapist.

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