So where or when does spirituality come into play?

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The hypnotherapy model has not been bound by the tight regulations of universities and rigid licensing bodies.

Even though schools like the Florida Institute of Hypnotherapy have remained true to being licensed by the Florida Department of Education, we have still found tremendous freedom in being able to offer a legitimate career diploma in Transpersonal Hypnotherapy.

Spirituality is easily seen in Transpersonal Hypnotherapy . You see Spirituality come through in hypnotherapy when:

  • we touch upon the topics of self-realization,
  • past-life regression,
  • life-between-life regression,
  • and through many other special instances of altered state work.

However, the real place that spirituality shines in conjunction with hypnotherapy is in what we now call Interpersonal Hypnotherapy where we honor the sacredness of relationships. This of course, also touches on the deep bond that occurs between the hypnotherapist and the client.

Why is Interpersonal Hypnotherapy so special?

The beauty of connecting on ever deeper levels allows for us to be ourselves fully, while still allowing others to discover their own truths as well.

How is Interpersonal Hypnotherapy a different experience for you - as a Hypnotherapist?

With Interpersonal Hypnotherapy we acknowledge ourselves as facilitators and in that we are truly allowed to shine. We can honor our own spiritual beliefs as well as the beliefs of the client. Interpersonal Hypnotherapy can be integrated into a session where both people are uplifted from having come together.

Hypnotherapy and spirituality really are synonymous terms.

If spirituality is to feel one’s connection to spirit, and if hypnotherapy helps to unite us with the spirit within, then each relationship becomes one of true transformation and awakening.

In this type of work we do not just practice in our office.

In this we realize that every moment is a sacred moment.

We do not teach love, peace, forgiveness and compassion with our clients and then forget about these ways of being in our lives. At the Florida Institute of Hypnotherapy, healing and enlightenment are indeed synonymous terms andhypnotherapy itself becomes a lifestyle – just as spirituality is for so many of us.  

You can click through a Slideshare which includes a short with some good points on the elements of spirituality.