Studying Hypnotherapy helps you Get Great!

Hypnosis, Meditation and Learning to Dream Big

Hypnosis clearly allows us to tap into the potentials of our conscious and subconscious minds. For thousands of years meditators have also tapped into mystical states of consciousness that show true “superconscious” abilities as well.

What if all of this power of hypnosis and meditation were used to help you to DREAM BIG and to express yourself fully in this lifetime?

A Jewish Rabbi once said,

“Yes, we believe in reincarnation,

but only a fool waits until their next lifetime

to do what they can do now.”

Why Wait?

Any student or graduate of the Florida Institute of Hypnotherapy was able to learn hypnosis to actualize their full potential.

During our Transpersonal Hypnotherapy training students learn hypnotherapy and also meditation to access true states of superconscious awareness.

Dreaming big.

The theme of dreaming big ties into our Life Mastery Course and everyone’s innate ability to create and manifest the life that they want to live.

The point?  --   TAKE ACTION and to utilize the tools that we’ve been given.

If you’ve never learned the power of hypnosis and meditation and if you have never consciously taken the time to manifest the life you were born to live, then a solid education in Hypnotherapy where Hypnotherapy Certification leads to actual techniques that improve your life and the lives of others as well, then you might be missing something very important.

For those who know these teachings,

then we encourage you to step into your GREATNESS

by stepping into your Hypnotherapy Education

in a way that says, “Yes, I walk the talk”!

The Law of Attraction?

We are all very powerful beings capable of tremendous things. We are all part of the Law of Attraction whether we realize it or not. This is a conscious call to take action deliberately and with full responsibility for the life that you live.

This is an acknowledgment of your greatness and an invitation to join us on Monday Nights at the Florida Institute of Hypnotherapy online at 7:00pm for free hypnotherapy training courses that enlighten the mind, open the heart and allow you to dream big to actualize your full potential.


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