Just not yourself?

Every so often, someone says:

“I just do not feel like myself.”

Usually this means that we are not feeling well for any number of reasons and we just let it go at that.


At other times people say:

“It’s like there is this negative inner voice within me that goes against my highest intentions.”

In Hypnotherapy - we might just say:

"This is a “part” of your subconscious mind and your work to transform that part."

Feeling foggy or feckless?

Sometimes people feel tired, mentally foggy, or have sudden onsets of anxious or depressed feelings. This again can have any number of causes and can be treated properly by the appropriate professional.

Do all your feelings originate with you?

There is the rather difficult topic of entity attachment in altered state work.

Think this only happens in the movies?

We have all seen the phenomena of full blown possession in the movies, yet entity attachment is a much more subtle phenomena that is becoming more and more accepted as a plausible reason for a person’s physical, mental, emotional or behavioral suffering.

Wait - is this common?

When we say, “entity attachment” and relate it to Hypnotherapy, then usually we are talking about a time when what is appearing during a session is simply not normal. Oftentimes we are talking to an inner child or a part of the mind and that is in the realm of what we would call “normal” everyday work.

However, there are times with altered states that

another voice comes out of the client that surprises

both the client and oftentimes the Hypnotherapist as well.


Are there really entities that latch onto people's auras?

At the Florida Institute of Hypnotherapy, we do not take any solid position on this topic, yet we do teach our students how to very effectively and professionally deal with this when it emerges.

Why talk about talk it?

A comprehensive Hypnotherapy Education should deal with the most basic protocols to the most outrageous topics that could be encountered in real-life hypnosis sessions.

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