Alien Abduction and Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis

Aliens abducting your hypnotherapy session?

We have all heard of the “out-there” topic of aliens and UFOs and we have all seen the movies and many have even delved into the literature, yet when a client is in hypnosis screaming that they are remembering being abducted by aliens, then the topic becomes all too real for both the client and the Hypnotherapist alike.

The "truth is out there."

Now we understand that hypnotic regression is not truth-serum and that the mind can come up with imagery and emotions that cannot always be trusted.  However, a comprehensive Hypnotherapy Training is not concerned with fact or fiction, because we understand that the subconscious cannot easily distinguish between the two.  What we are concerned with is the concept of “dealing with what emerges” and handling it properly and professionally. Thoughts on alien abduction - are literally not a "new phenomenon." Check out our Youtube Video - with a quote on the subject from an American author in 1923.  

What if a client does claim to have been abducted?

This can happen in hypnosis or in their full and regular waking consciousness.  People across the globe report abduction experiences without using any altered states at all.

Is it the role of the professional to dismiss this phenomenon because of lack of scientific proof?

What about another human being’s suffering?  What about their subjective experiences?  Their sleepless nights or their unexplained anxieties?

Aliens coming to earth?

As Hypnotherapists, we are not necessarily required to believe in anything, yet we must be able to deal with what emerges.  If a client reports an alien abduction experience, how do we handle that? In the Transpersonal Hypnotherapy training at the Florida Institute of Hypnotherapy we spend a lot of time discussing this phenomenon so that our graduates know how to handle it.  We talk about NOT putting one’s self out there as a specialist in this field, yet certainly knowing what to do when our profession of Hypnotherapy eventually leads us to the alien abduction experience.

Hypnosis and alien abduction is a sensitive topic,

Yet to ignore it would be to ignore millions of people who have reported direct encounters with beings that are not known to modern science. Groups all over the world have come about to support such people. If Hypnotherapists are not open-minded enough to help such people then who will? Join us for live online Monday Night free classes at 7:00pm at for exciting discussions about the possibility of the alien abduction experience as possibly being a real part of a Hypnotherapy session.   You may like to download our Slideshare to share with others -