Interested in "the Other Side"?

Hypnotherapy has been associated with the paranormal for as long as altered states have been explored. From the works of the native shaman to the ancient sleep temples of Greece, Persia and India, people have used altered states for years to attempt to tap into the “other side.” Even the modern work of Dr. Raymond K. Moody with his psychomanteum has been a way for people in altered states to achieve encounters with their departed loved ones. People long for this connection and it has been there throughout recorded history.

Throughout history so many reasons of our reasons to connect to the afterlife has remained the same.

In modern times, the calling is just as profound as in the days of old. People long to reconnect with those that they have lost and loved dearly. Therefore, it is not hard to imagine that people within the hypnotic state have reported encounters with those in the non-physical realms.


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The question that comes up in Hypnotherapy training is: Is any of this real?

What do you think the answer to that is? The answer that comes up in Florida Institute of Hypnotherapy training is that it does not matter. When a person is in hypnosis and is having a paranormal experience, then it is not our job as the Hypnotherapist to question the truth. The real question can be: How can I honor a person’s subjective experience and allow for this to beneficial for them? To do this, we practice what is called “learned gullibility”. This says that whatever the client reports when in an altered state, we simply say, “Okay, tell me more.”

The 4 facts behind "learned gullibility":

  1. We are not here to play judge.
  2. In the Hypnotherapy model we do not diagnose
  3. It is not our role to say that this person is “crazy” or that their experience is “not real.”
  4. Subjective experience is real for the one experiencing it.

In these models, we simply pace the client’s view of the world. We do not impose our views and we do not think that we have all of the answers. Perhaps their deceased mother really is in the room? If our model does not allow for this, then we limit ourselves and we limit our clients. Comprehensive Hypnotherapy Training acknowledges the need for critical thinking and professional objectivity, yet it also honors a person’s unique experience when working within non-ordinary states of consciousness. We cannot ask someone to go into an “altered-state” and then tell them how their world-view should be. We must honor that their perceptions are their own. If we honor these and have the highest intentions of love and healing, then the sessions can be truly beautiful. The client is uplifted and so are we.

Be yourself.

When we learn hypnosis we usually learn that we are allowed to be ourselves and that we are encouraged to allow others to be themselves. We open our minds to other realms and other possibilities.  

The TRUTH is yours. And it's out there.

We open to the notion that truth is more important than proof.   In hypnosis, sometimes truth is the fact that the person is now happier and moving on with their life. If the paranormal becomes a part of Hypnotherapy, then the Hypnotherapist can become a part of the client’s process. By closing our minds, we close ourselves to those who ask us for help. The simple model in Hypnotherapy is – deal with what emerges!


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