We’re proud to introduce our next guest to our Monday Night Self Improvement Class, Ligia Houben! We’ve asked her to introduce herself and answer a few questions before she joins us this Monday (April 7th) at 7pm. So without further ado!


Ligia HoubenI am Ligia Houben and my mission in life is to help people transform any loss they experience in their lives into growth and personal development.  I say it is my mission because I experienced a huge loss very early in life.  My beloved father died when I was 12 years old, and his death was the catalyst for my passion to help the bereaved.  I became a thanatologist and grief & loss specialist.  The loss of my father inspired me to write the self-help book Transform your Loss: Your Guide to Strength and Hope where I introduced my system, The 11 Principles of Transformation, which evolved into live seminars and an online program.  This system can be applied to any kind of loss, such as the death of a loved one, divorce, loss of health or loss of a job, among other life transitions.


The traditional approach to grief has been the well- known stages of grief created by Dr. Elizabeth Kubler-Ross.  My approach is focused on the Tasks approach and it goes beyond grief. The system of the 11 Principles of Transformation offers tools to process grief and live a more meaningful and purposeful life. Grief & loss counseling has received a greater exposure now as healthcare professionals realize we experience grief in a more regular way, as it is the normal response to a loss, any loss. If grief is not processed it can have a detrimental effect in our lives.



Hypnotherapy has a special meaning in my life because it helped me heal my own grief. After the death of my father, the grief was so intense that I would softly cry each time someone talked to me about him. This happened for many years, until I was introduced to hypnotherapy and went through the experience of “Age regression.”  I was taken back to when I experienced the loss, when I was 12 years old, and after going through that experience, I no longer cried when I talked about my father.  I was healed of that trauma. This is what prompted me to become a hypnotherapist and to continue my own journey studying psychology, religious studies, and loss and healing. I was fully present in my own healing.  I have a Center in Miami FL, The Center for Transforming Lives, where I offer private consultation, workshops, and classes, such as meditation.


I wanted to team up with the Florida Institute of Hypnotherapy because I studied at this state licensed school and am very satisfied and impressed by the thorough program, the founder, Matthew Brownstein, offers.


What is the value of spirituality in therapy?
Spirituality is a dimension I find essential in all the work I do. I like to work with human beings in a holistic way (mind-body-spirit) and spirituality is our essence.


Why is it important to protect the practice of Hypnotherapy?   
It is important to protect   the practice of Hypnotherapy because there must be standards to become a hypnotherapist. We are working with sensitive issues and we must possess the skills to work with our clients in an ethical and professional way.


How can we help those who are suffering and finding no real results in the traditional model? 
We can offer alternative therapies, as long as we are trained and certified, and our intentions are always to help.



How can we work with medical doctors and psychiatrists in a professional way to develop relationships and help people through these life experiences? 
Letting them know how hypnotherapy can be a complement to the services they offer.  Again, it is a way to treat patients in a holistic manner. We see now how other techniques such as meditation is being used for stress relief. Well, I use meditation and Hypnosis to help my clients live a more calm and relaxed life. From the bottom of my heart I am glad to say…..it works!