We're proud to introduce our next guest on our Monday Night Self Improvement Class, Dave Putney! Dave brings his 30 years of experience as a registered pharmacist to his current occupation as a Certified Clinical and Transpersonal Hypnotherapist. Dave's shared a few words with us here before his meeting with us on Monday, April 14th at 7PM. So without further ado, may I present Dave Putney!


Hypnotherapy and Pharmacy


When most people of my age group think about a pharmacist what is likely to come  to mind is the classic Norman Rockwell image of a middle aged, slightly graying man in a white coat pouring a brightly clored liquid into a graduated cylinder, When you came in the pharmacy he always remembered your name and had a kind word for you that helped you feel better even before he filled your prescription. I was fortunate enough to experience the last days of that era of pharmacy and if things were still that way I might still be a pharmacist. Also being older and grayer myself now I would look just like the Rockwell image. However, for better or worse the profession pharmacy changed and I didn't.


Yet, it was not just the pharmacy that changed, In the last 20-30 years the entire health care industry has undergone a major paradigm shift. There was a time when the focus of research was on finding cures for diseases. Today the focus is no longer on healing, rather the focus is now on disease state management. Whether treating diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol or depression the end game is the same; find the drug combination and doage that gets the patient in some predetermined "normal" range then monitor them periodically, usually for the rest of their life.


There is good news however. More and more physicians and health care workers are beginning to stress to patients th importance of disease prevention. Insurance companies are also grtting on board as it's good for their bottom line. Disease prevention is far less costly than disease management, This is where hypnotherapists have an opportunity to advance our professional image in the health care community and at the same time make significant changes in the lives of others.


It's a fact that most cases of Type-II diabetes can be prevented by weight loss and exercise. We all know hypnotherapy is a powerful adjunct to any weight loss program. When it comes to smoking cessation hypnotherapy's success rate is far better than the 25% success rate of nicotine replacement therapies and the 33% success rate of prescription drugs such as Chantix. The AMA says that 60% of all chronic illness is now due to stress. Hypnotherapy is an incredibly effective modality for stress reduction.


Drug therapy absolutly has its place in healthcare. For a patient presenting with certain symptoms drug intervention is the most effective way of stabilizing their condition. However, once stabilized perhaps it would be better to utilize other modalities such as hypnotherapy to address the root cause of the problem and offer a path to true healing. It's up to us to educate others about what we do and with the FIH training we have there is no reason not to succeed.


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