We're proud to introduce our next guest on our Monday Night Self Improvement Class, Ms. Rene Brent! Rene brings over 25 years of experience as a Registered Nurse to her current occupation as a Certified Clinical and Transpersonal Hypnotherapist. Rene has shared with us a few words about her experiences and perspective before her meeting with us on Monday, April 21st at 7pm EST. So without further ado , may I present Rene Brent.


Rene Brent RN and Certified Clinical and Transpersonal Hypnotherapist


Rene Brent was born and raised in Springfield, Illinois. She attended Southern Illnois University Nursing School in Edwardsville. She has since lived in Orlando, Florida for over 20 years.


Rene has worked in ICU, Trauma/ER, and Recovery Room Nursing. In her experience, she has seen and was inspired by the powerful mind/body connection and how self-awareness and reframing negative thoughts helps allof us heal emotionally and physically.


Her co-workers used to call her the "New Age" nurse. Rene was always the nurse at the head of the bed making eye contact and talking softly with her patients. she understood how powerful and healing that connection was. Without even understanding how she was doing it she would pace her patients to a calmer state and then they would experience less pain and anxiety.


Rene also used hypnosis to help her become pregnant with her third child. When that third baby was getting ready to leave the hospital and she had recently been divorced from a 20 year marriage, she knew it was time for a change. She knew that her calling was to be a Hypnotherapist.


It was important for Rene to go to the best Hypnotherapy school in the country so she could be very effective in her practice. She attended the Florida Institute of Hypnotherapy (FIH) in Tampa, FL. FIH is the only State licenced school of hypnotherapy in Florida and she trained for over 500 hours.


Over her seven months of training, under the expertiese of Matthew Brownstein, Rene used hypnotherapy to help her heal personally. She reframed false beliefs, understoof negative patterns and changed maladadaptive behaviors. Once that healing happened, Rene was able to open a thriving Hypnotherapy practice and find her soul mate.


Her solo Practice, Rene Brent Hypnosis, is located in Maitland, Florida. Rene found that her experience in listening and interviewing patients and her skill at building rapport helped her immedietly in her practice. Her ability to rapidly assess physicality and body language was also an asset.


In Rene's practice, she finds that her nursing background helps her attract many clients with chronic illness and pain. Most people have no understanding of the mind/body connection, that every thought they have affects every cell in their bodies.


Rene loves straddling the line between science, enery and spirituality. She believes that all are the key to a balanced, powerful and joyful life.


Rene does believe that it is very important to educate all medical personell on the power of Hypnotherapy and how it can be used to heal. Once they understand how the power of subconscious mind can empower their patients, then we can change traditional medicine. I would also love to see all medical professionals educated on how to effectively communicate with their patients.


Rene is confident that hypnotherapy will be understood, accepted and utilized by mainstream medicine in her lifetime.


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