What role does the mind play in healing?  

Healing is an important aspect or focus of hypnotherapy.   

Being able to help yourself, your loved ones, and ultimately your clients, is one of the most fulfilling and rewarding experiences you can have.   

You may ask, “What does hypnotherapy have to do with metaphysics?”   

Another way to think of that question would be to ask, “What do people’s thoughts and beliefs have to do with what’s going on in their bodies?”


You may have heard of the double slit experiment(You can watch it here). It’s a physics experiment that has been replicated so many times it can be considered proven. A photon becomes a particle when it is observed.  When it is not observed, it remains a wave.  It therefore appears that physical reality requires an observer. 


What if the observer’s beliefs shape how things are experienced?  These beliefs create emotional responses in the body.  What if each belief is like a trail of bread crumbs, one after another, so that over time, if things do not actually reflect reality, there are physical affects that unpleasantly point this out.  The subconscious mind is the observer here.  It is where all of the bread crumbs are followed back to the belief.  This is why hypnotherapy can be of great help. 


In hypnotherapy, a person is not being reprogrammed.  They are having their erroneous thoughts and beliefs identified and corrected, while the emotions related to the belief are balanced and aligned, so that physical symptoms can be relieved.  The conscious mind has a kind of filter and it checks with the subconscious in order to interpret what is going on in the world around us.  The subconscious mind feeds back the beliefs it has in place in a way that will reinforce those beliefs during the interpretation process.  Training at the Florida Institute of Hypnotherapy teaches how to bypass that filter so that you can get to the original root cause of the belief.  In this way, all kinds of issues can be resolved, including many physical symptoms.  Once something erroneous has been brought to light, the mind corrects it and the emotional response associated with it is resolved. 


Bringing the mind back to balance has an amazing effect of bringing the body back to balance.  This is just one example of the beneficial nature of hypnotherapy.  It is my personal feeling that what is taught at the Florida Institute of Hypnotherapy’s hypnosis certifications, is a true reflection of a spiritual approach to healing and metaphysics.