On your spiritual path, you may meditate on peace, you may get really relaxed and connect to that place of peace within.  Can you find a place inside where you feel calm, relaxed, at peace?  Your mind may wander into the past.  Or it may go into the future.  You become aware of your emotions and allow your emotions even if you are angry or sad.  You want to be able to bring this sense of peace into your daily life.  But you’ve noticed that maybe you’re over-reacting to things lately.  Maybe things that are really neutral are bringing out an anger response and you don’t know why.


No matter what’s happening in your life, you can be at peace.  You may ask, “How can I be at peace with some of the things that happen?”  Being at peace doesn’t mean nothing bad ever happens.  You can’t make everything be the way you want it to be.  If you’re a spiritual person, you kind of call a lot of these things into your life so you can learn how to resolve them.  Spirituality doesn’t mean you don’t feel any emotions.


Every problem is actually an anger problem, even if it seems to have a complexity of emotions attached to it.  An anger response is an attempt to get what you want, but it doesn’t work.  So why get angry?  Your inner child is getting angry and so is your inner critical parent.


The inner child’s responses are learned from the parent - that anger is the way to get what you want, because the parent wanted you to stop doing something and got angry about it.  The parent reacted to the child with anger.  Your mind when young watched the responses of those around you and learned to be like them.  There is no need to play the blame game here, your parents learned it from theirs, and so on.


Emotion is energy in motion.  Suppression is detrimental to your health, it destroys the body.  Bottled up anger and suppressed rage stay in a loop in the subconscious that plays over and over.  Hypnosis is a very useful tool to resolve anger.  A skilled hypnotherapist can help bring the anger memory triggers to your awareness so you can resolve them.  You can still feel angry, but your response to it can bring you back to peace.  That is all it is really supposed to do anyway.  If you feel you can benefit from resolving your anger and other negative emotions, you can call the Florida Institute of Hypnotherapy to find a qualified hypnotherapist near you.