At the Florida Institute of Hypnotherapy we offer in depth programs that teach our practitioners how to help people to lose weight with hypnosis and to stop smoking with hypnosis.  Our Monday Night Free Classes are a perfect way for beginning and advanced hypnotherapists to learn about the power of hypnosis for behavior modification.  While our 500-hour training is far more comprehensive than just smoking and weight loss protocols for hypnosis, we will take time during this Free Hypnosis Class to focus on these major topics of hypnotherapy.


To lose weight with hypnosis we need to understand the power of the subconscious mind in not only influencing behavior, but in changing our relationship with food, exercise and our general lifestyle.  True transformation must be holistic and needs to embrace every area of our life.  Hypnosis allows for this because anything the mind affects hypnosis can address.  Once we realize that every aspect of our body weight is controlled by our mind then we can begin to put hypnosis to use to reprogram old habits and change underlying emotional causes of overeating and weight gain.


To stop smoking with hypnosis we simply need to begin with a willingness to do so and the hypnotherapist basically does all of the rest.  Our students learn hypnosis in a way that empowers the client and yet in a way that allows the client to be the client and the hypnotherapist to be the professional.  The smoker does not need to know how to stop smoking, just as the person whose car makes noise does not need to know how to stop that noise.  The person with the noisy engine can go to a well-trained car mechanic and the person who wants to stop smoking with hypnotherapy can simply go to a hypnotherapist who knows how to get into the “engine of the subconscious mind.” 


When we learn hypnosis and receive a true education in the fields of hypnotism, hypnotherapy and clinical hypnotherapy, we are empowered to help our clients in ways that they may never understand.  I do not have to know how my mechanic fixes my car, yet I have to be willing to get my car into the shop.  When it comes to losing weight with hypnosis and stopping smoking with hypnosis, then the most important step is to make that first phone call.


Join us on Monday Night for a Free Hypnosis Class on Behavior Modification in Hypnosis related directly to Weight Loss and Smoking Cessation at