The use of altered states has been around for thousands of years.  Ancient sleep temples were used to help to heal those in need and meditative states have empowered people since well before the first written records.  It was only with the pioneering work of a Viennese physician named Franz Anton Mesmer that the Mesmeric movement, that later became known as hypnotism, truly began.


Mesmer’s work was rooted in theories that were not accepted by many of the doctors and scientists of his time, yet his foundational work never truly fell out of popular use.  In time, Dr. James Braid coined the term hypnosis and helped to take what Mesmer was doing and to make it more understandable with theories that were more acceptable and methods that were more duplicable.  While both names are major players in the history of hypnosis and hypnosis training, the real work of Hypnotherapy did not begin until many years later.


Mesmer and many of his predecessors were treating symptoms.  It was not until the work of Dr. Sigmund Freud and his some of his contemporaries that the notion of looking for root causes became important in the field of hypnosis.  Freud dropped hypnosis as a primary modality, yet once again it never dropped away completely.


Today, Hypnotherapy Training and Hypnotherapy Education have taken leaps and bounds since the time of Freud.  Now we can truly say that there is an enormous body of research showing the efficacy of both hypnosis (using only the power of suggestion) and hypnotherapy (using transformational modalities to uncover and resolve root causes).  To become a hypnotherapist has now become a journey of a lifetime and to learn hypnotism allows a person to become part of a lineage of great minds that have truly worked to tap into the power of the mind to better the human condition.


The Florida Institute of Hypnotherapy is proud to follow in the footsteps of the great minds that got us to where we are today.  We now offer free Monday Night Classes that help students, prospective students and graduates to not only learn hypnosis and hypnotherapy, but to become part of our bigger vision of creating more hypnotherapists, more hypnotherapy schools, more supervisors, mentors and hypnotherapy teachers; as well as a vision that embraces each individual’s unique talents and skill-sets and helps them to unfold into their greatness.  We welcome you to this new vision of Hypnotherapy Training and to an education in hypnosis and hypnotherapy that is truly changing the world.