That is to say, how can your home life be happy and harmonious and loving?  Hint:  it involves learning a new skill set.  This new skill set isn’t difficult or unpleasant to learn.  It doesn’t even take a lot of time.  The best part of it is it’s very pleasant to practice every day.  It’s just something that you make a habit to practice every day.


Learning how to let go of anger is one of the most productive things you can do for yourself and your loved ones.  Learning how to let go of anger will ultimately help you have a happy home.


Covering it up, telling yourself that it’s not ok to be angry is not the same thing as letting it go.  You can actually choose to learn how to let go of anger and to forgive yourself and others.


When you perceive that someone has hurt you and become angry at this person, subconsciously, what’s really happening is that you are replaying a similar hurtful event from the past and projecting it onto this person.  You may have noticed a pattern, that the same things seem to happen over and over.  These are your opportunities to grow up, to let go of the anger.  You may have fallen into the habit of blame.  Blame really is just a habit.  But blaming will not allow you to let go of the anger, it will only allow you to be a victim.  Playing the blame game doesn’t hurt the other person, it hurts you.  It becomes a cycle.  You get hurt, you blame, you get angry, you get hurt again.


You can use hypnosis to identify the events that are triggering your angry responses.  This way, instead of covering it up or denying it, you can see for yourself that past events are past.  They don’t need to control you anymore.  You can choose to say you’re over it and move on.  You can choose to really forgive others and, just as importantly, yourself.


A competent hypnotherapist can help you through this process in a non-judgmental way.  Hypnotherapy has a variety of techniques to really get to the heart of it and to bring about forgiveness and release.  You can have a happy home.  You can have a happy life.  You may even enjoy it so much, you want to help others feel the same by becoming a hypnotherapist yourself!  Listen to some of the free classes offered in the community section here at the Florida Institute of Hypnotherapy website to learn more.