Everyone knows what it is like to live with feelings of anxiety.  We all understand that having anxious feelings is part of the human condition and many of us are okay with feeling this feeling from time-to-time and with knowing that this is part of living in this world.  However, when the feelings become overwhelming or the symptoms of anxiety become more than we are willing to live with, then there are options, and Hypnotherapy for anxiety is certainly a worthy one to consider.
Anxiety is technically a diagnosable condition. According to the Florida Hypnosis Statutes someone under the care of a physician or mental health practitioner for this condition should seek a referral from their practitioner when seeking Hypnotherapy from a Certified Hypnotherapist.  However, in many cases, anxiety is a just a term that normal functioning people use to describe what we simply call anxious feelings and not necessarily diagnosable mental health conditions.  In either case, Hypnotherapy can be very helpful when it comes to alleviating the symptoms and even removing the root cause.
A solid education in Hypnotherapy offers practitioners many modalities that are effective for transforming fear into peace and anxiety into a newly found calm-confidence.  The real essence of the work and its effectiveness is Hypnotherapy’s ability to speak directly with the subconscious mind and to transform past memories, beliefs and emotions that contribute to that which brings a client in to see us.


Finding a Certified Hypnotherapist to help with anxiety is relatively easy, yet here are a few points to consider:
Do you have a good rapport with the person who is going to be your Hypnotherapist?
Do you feel good about their professional appearance?
Do you feel safe with this person?
Is this person a graduate of a State-Licensed Hypnotherapy School?
How many hours of training do they have in hypnosis?
How confident do they feel as a professional in Hypnotherapy to say that they truly believe they can help you with your issue?


Once you’ve found a hypnotherapist who meets your standards and that you feel comfortable with, then ideally a combination of hypnosis and hypnotherapy will be applied to relieve old unwanted anxious feelings.  Hypnosis usually involves hypnotic programming for alleviating anxiety, while hypnotherapy will work to resolve the root cause of the problem.