The more spiritually minded we become, the happier we are.  We can feel that our life is going the way it should, that we are on the right path.  Even while we are experiencing problems, we can feel peace and not panic.  Being able to feel peace and contentment, not beating ourselves up for past mistakes or for fear of what might happen, is a wonderful way to navigate life’s difficulties. 


Human beings are creatures of habit.  We like to have things a certain way, we like to do things at a certain time, we like to feel we are in control.  We have a certain mind set that we are accustomed to and we think it is the only way to be.  It is our way of being in the world.  These things are so habitual to us, we are often not aware they are choices we are making.  We sometimes even do things robotically, without even thinking about them.  That’s how much of a habit some things are in our lives. 


We often think our habits are helping us cope.  Our egos would very much like for us to believe that.  The ego is the part of our mind that defines, judges, describes, analyzes and projects.  This part of our mind has made up such a web of its own point of view of the world that it would have us believe it is real.  But wholeness of mind is oneness with spirit.  To be ego minded is to be full of worry and doubt.  It can be very helpful to have someone who’s facilitating to help us move out of that quicker.  A skilled hypnotherapist helps to bring to consciousness the ego errors that need to be corrected.  Hypnotherapists know it is not their place to judge, diagnose or analyze.  We can feel comfortable and safe letting all those old thought patterns and habits go.  We can replace them with confidence, forgiveness and a much better outlook. 


You can try hypnosis for yourself in the comfort of your own home right now.  See if it doesn’t help make things feel better.  Take a look at the community page on this website.  There is a free video library of the Monday night classes.  Look for the spirituality topics, like the Spiritual Growth and Hypnosis series.  For best results, I recommend that you wear head phones during the meditation or hypnosis portions of the class.  You will get a good idea of what it’s like to be hypnotized and what it’s like to have a session with a hypnotherapist.  You may even begin to feel that hypnotherapy is for you!