How do you become a hypnotherapist?


The first step is to realize that Hypnotherapy is a legitimate occupation through the United States Department of Labor.  It is listed through ONet under the category “Therapist – Other”.


This occupational title was first introduced back in the 1970’s through a publication that is no longer in print entitled the Dictionary of Occupational Titles.  ONet is now the Federal way of acknowledging if an occupation and an occupational title is considered “real.”


To become a Hypnotherapist, it is important to understand how hard many leaders in the field have worked to raise the standards of hypnotherapy training and hypnotherapy certification.  Almost all of the 50 States with the US have no regulation for this occupation and many States even fail to have laws for this occupation.  It is therefore crucial that the consumer searching for hypnotherapy education find out what some of the highest standards are in the world and to be sure to align with those.  To do anything else is to support activities that are not only subpar, yet actually could be illegal.


Since Hypnotherapy is an occupation, anyone (or any school/training) that offers certifications in this occupation must be licensed by their respective State’s Department of Education to do so.  Unless some exemption has been obtained, then it is simply illegal to train someone in a career and to not be licensed to do so.  This is true for any occupation and not just Hypnotherapy.


Therefore, choose a State-Licensed Hypnotherapy School for Hypnotherapy Training and Hypnotherapy Certification.


Once you have found a State-Licensed School in your State, then ask how many hours of training are they providing.  A comprehensive hypnotherapy training should be at least 300 hours to cover the basics of what is taught at the Florida Institute of Hypnotherapy.  Our training itself has 300 hours to become a certified hypnotherapist, 400 hours to become a certified clinical hypnotherapist and 500 hours to become a certified transpersonal hypnotherapist.  It is important to remember that these are State-Licensed Diplomas backed by the Florida Department of Education.


Another step in becoming a hypnotherapist is to scrutinize the school’s catalog.  Being a State-Licensed School, the catalog will be one thing that is seriously reviewed by those in the Department of Education who are working to protect you as the consumer.  It will have all policies, procedures, grading scales, refund policies, programs, courses, faculty and tuition.  Most unlicensed schools most likely do not offer such a comprehensive catalog simply because they do not have to.  This catalog is for your protection as the consumer and allows you to know every detail about the school you are thinking of attending.


The other major factor in your education is of course the hypnotherapy education itself.  Do not be fooled by the titles of the courses that a school offers.  Many school show similar curriculums, yet one course called “Hypnotic Inductions” could be 2 hours or it could be 20 or more hours.  Number of hours in hypnotherapy training is important, yet there are two important ways to truly know if students are satisfied:

  1. Read the testimonials and graduate testimonials on the school’s website.
  2. Contact your respective State’s Department of Education and ask what the “Placement and Retention Rates” are for the school you are considering.

The Florida Institute of Hypnotherapy currently shows over 90% positive graduate outcomes (placement) with the FL DOE and over 90% as well for student retention.  You simply cannot believe the school itself when it tells you that it is good because every school will.  If you have happy graduates who are fulfilled in their occupation and who went through the entire training with glowing smiles at the end, then this speaks volumes more than any school representative could.  So, do not take our word for it, just check out: