The Florida Institute of Hypnotherapy is invested in helping transform people’s hearts and minds.  There is a firm foundation in the belief that we are spiritual beings having a human experience.  One of the things that happens in transformation is we become aware of our inner child from a gentle and non-judgmental perspective.  We need for this to happen because if we allow our inner child to remain unnoticed, the inner child can hold us back from accomplishing our highest goals and intentions for ourselves.  It can prevent us from being fully self-actualized.  When we ignore our inner child, we empower him/her to override our adult decisions and preferences.  This can have serious negative consequences in our adult lives.  As we learn to listen to our inner child and understand how he/she feels, we can understand what the little boy or girl needs to grow up.  We can invite him/her to do so.  The little one inside us needs to feel love, protection, understanding and acceptance, the same as when we were actually that child. 


Sometimes we need professional help to acknowledge that we have not really gotten over the hurts, disappointments, misunderstandings and traumas of childhood unfulfilled needs.  A fully trained professional hypnotherapist can guide a client to the source of those feelings.  Positive transformation can then occur in relatively painless - even joyful - fashion.  Best of all, it can occur quickly.  It is done in a systematic way.  Hypnosis for inner child work helps by using the observer perspective, where the client can tell what’s happening but is not experiencing it all over again.  This way, fears can be addressed without a lot of drama. 


To live a spiritual life is to live a self-actualized life.  It’s a transformation in the mind to a perspective of forgiveness.  It is a knowing that is both joyful and self confident.  A person does not have to be religious to live a spiritual life, to be self actualized.  We just need to be self-aware.  This includes our inner child.  When we help our inner child to feel safe and loved, we can experience true forgiveness.  As each childhood hurt is transformed, it brings about healing power that is like no other.  It’s like a weight is lifted that we didn’t even know we were carrying.  It’s like mystical alchemy purification.  Our own gifts can then be manifested in our lives because our inner child holds part of our joy, playfulness, curiosity, sensitivity and creativity.  Who doesn’t want to express their own unique joy, playfulness, curiosity, sensitivity and creativity?  That’s what it’s all about.