Many hypnosis trainings have been against training their hypnotists in age regression because of the complexity of what arises.  In many ways they are justified in saying that a hypnotist with only about 100 hours of training is simply not qualified to work with the memories that arise from hypnotherapy.  At the Florida Institute of Hypnotherapy, we follow in a long tradition of practitioners who have worked very hard to raise the standards of Hypnotherapy Training so that Hypnotherapists are not only qualified to work on such conditions, but that they are also recognized by other professionals and organizations to do so.


Many licensed therapists are required to have a minimal amount of training to practice hypnosis.  The average required continuing education course in Hypnotherapy for such practitioners is usually about 60 hours.  This tends to be the general requirement for social workers, mental health counselors and psychotherapists.


We can compare this type of training to a medical doctor who wants to practice acupuncture.  Because the physician already has extensive training in a certain field, then he or she usually only needs about 100 hours of training to do acupuncture.  However, an acupuncturist, who is now often called a Doctor of Oriental Medicine and is considered as a primary care physician in many states has about 3,000 to 4,000 hours of training.  The question for the one seeking treatment with acupuncture is:  Who would you rather see the doctor with 100 hours or the acupuncturist with 3,000+ hours?


Hypnotherapy has been acknowledged as an occupation on the federal level.  The Florida Institute of Hypnotherapy became Florida’s first postsecondary vocational institute in the State of Florida, through the Florida Department of Education, to offer career diplomas in certified hypnotherapy, certified clinical hypnotherapy and transpersonal hypnotherapy.  We have maintained trainings that exceed 500 hours and continually work to bring Hypnotherapy to the level of respect that chiropractic, acupuncture and massage therapists have worked for decades to achieve.


Age Regression with Hypnotherapy does require specialized training, yet it could easily be argued and even demonstrated that graduates from a State-Licensed Hypnotherapy School with over 500 hours of training are more qualified to perform these regressions than most people in any field of medicine or mental health.  The protocols at our hypnotherapy school are remarkably effective and demand ever-more increasing recognition for how they truly transform people’s lives.


Scope of practice assessment is mandatory so that Hypnotherapists understand what they are qualified to work on and when a prescription, referral, supervision or direction is required to operate within the confines of most state laws.  However, as Hypnotherapy Training standards increase, then more and more Hypnotherapists will receive the respect they deserve and our profession will be recognized as one of the most effective and important components of medicine and mental health.