Did you know it’s completely natural to hear your Higher Self?  When we agree with our Higher Selves, we align with Spirit.  We make a conscious choice to tap into a higher level.  Things in our lives seem to just miraculously work themselves out.  Of course, we still have all of the emotions that go along with being human.  Alignment with Spirit involves less suffering than doing things the ego’s way.  When we align with Spirit, it never asks us to make a sacrifice, it only offers higher levels of more harmonious solutions for everyone involved.  We all have fear and doubt so some degree but Spirit will take care of things in a gentle way.  Spirit has this balancing and harmonizing effect when we listen to the voices that come from the higher mind.  We can tell it’s coming from Spirit because it is far wiser than our normal way of thinking.  There is consistent truth and it is beautiful.  It speaks without ego.  It’s the part of us that is a greater, wiser being. 


We are always in touch with Spirit because it is us, but we are not always focused on it.  Take time to realign with this energy.  It’s like changing the channel on the television.  But it might take a little practice.  We may wonder where our remote is, because it’s intuitive.  We can get help to find how to listen to our own intuition, our own Higher Self.  Hypnosis is a very good tool for this.  When hypnotized, you are completely relaxed, yet fully aware of what’s going on.  You are in a safe environment with no distractions.  It’s like a mini-vacation.  The hypnotherapist is there to facilitate your connection and to help you recognize it when revelation comes through.  You can learn what your life’s purpose is.  I’ll give you a hint:  it’s always about love and it’s always about helping others.  Only you can do this purpose.  Spirit will provide the guidance.  All it takes to get started is the willingness to find a better way.  Perhaps you have been learning through pain and avoidance.  A better way would be to learn through joy.  The beauty of hypnotherapy is it’s so simple.  The Florida Institute of Hypnotherapy teaches intuitive hypnotherapy.  So, if you become a client, you can be confident this hypnotherapist has training and experience with Higher Self work.  All you need do is call the school to find a graduate near you.  You may feel moved to help people through hypnotherapy yourself.  It’s a wonderful, fulfilling profession, helping people with all kinds of things.  Consider the possibilities for your own situation.