As the Founder and Executive Director of the Florida Institute of Hypnotherapy, I continue to network
with other licensed practitioners of the healing arts to raise the standards of hypnotherapy training.
One recent discussion with our Chief Medical Officer, psychiatrist Dr. Tanveer Chaudhry, acknowledged
that about 60% of his patients suffer from and are treated for anxiety and depression. We have
therefore been actively working to create a referral system where under Florida Hypnosis Law
hypnotherapists are able to help to ease the symptoms and causes of anxiety and depression. 

Easing depression with hypnosis is actually quite easy. Clients can be guided through hypnosis to states
of peace and joy that are usually just not achieved through traditional therapies. One of the biggest
reasons for this is the lack of training in powerful life-transforming modalities that accompany many of
the world’s therapeutic traditions. 

More and more people are diagnosed, medicated and then left with the cause of their symptoms in
place and even still tend to suffer from their symptoms after “treatment.” Practitioners are indeed
becoming more and more frustrated with knowing that they are not in integrity with themselves
knowing that they are not helping people in the way they truly want to. 

A lack of hypnotherapy training is the cause of so much needless suffering. When another human being,
regardless of their previous background receives a solid education in hypnosis, then he or she is
empowered to relieve depression through direct access to the subconscious cause(s) of the problem. 

In our Hypnotherapy School depression is not considered a “disease”. It is an inner dynamic rooted in
one’s memories, relationships (past and present), belief systems and suppressed and unresolved
emotions. To take all of the above listed items and to label then as merely “depression” is not doing a
service to the one seeking help. Being depressed is the result of many conditions and many of these
conditions can be resolved and transformed in remarkably short periods of time. 

Every Monday Night at the Florida Institute of Hypnotherapy online, I teach a free hypnotherapy class
that relates to transforming our lives from within. Here we look at the importance of our own
memories, relationships, beliefs and emotions, and honor that we are spiritual beings having a human
experience and not just a biochemical imbalance. 

For anyone who knows what it is like to feel depressed or wants to help people with such feelings,
please visit us at to learn more about transforming the root cause of depression and to
stop treating symptoms alone.