It was my first day in class at the Florida Institute of Hypnotherapy. I was extremely nervous since I was finally in a room full of people who shared  a common interest with me. I was worried about what they would think of me, being as I was only 22 and a manager of a perfume store. However as I began to greet everyone I noticed that we were all different. We had all come from different walks of life; ranging anywhere from corporate giants to stay at home moms, we all seemed to be spiritually minded but with different beliefs. It was amazing to see how a diverse group of people could all come together for the same common passion for hypnotherapy. It was exciting to not be the odd man out.


As I sat down I began to think of the first time that hypnosis had attracted me. When I was a little kid I had seen several times what is called stage hypnosis when I would go to fairs or festivals. I was always overcome by laughter as a man, called the hypnotist, would wave a pendulum in front of a person's face and they fell into a sleepy like state. The hypnotist would then have them do funny things such as acting like a chicken or bark like a dog. I had once been called up to the stage. Wanting to know how hypnosis felt, I was too excited to relax and so the hypnotist sent me to my seat.  At the time I had no idea of the possibilities of hypnosis. It wasn’t until I had stumbled across a video of a hypnotherapist helping a women conquer her fear of heights that I became truly fascinated. That's when I knew I wanted to become a hypnotherapist. I began to research the practice of hypnotherapy.  All these events opened a whole new world for me.


It was amazing hearing all the different ways my fellow classmates were introduced to hypnotherapy. We all came together one way or another seeing the amazing healing benefits and transformations that hypnotherapy brought to us in our daily lives. It is this same feeling that I hope to bring to you, the reader. I hope that this blog can show you how hypnotherapy can benefit you.


"A great man once said "what you seek is seeking you"


"I cannot teach anybody anything. I can only make them think"