Through a recent referral from a psychiatrist I had the honor of helping a woman who was suffer from pain in her mouth.  All dentists had said that the pain had no justifiable cause and all of the mental health care practitioners that she had seen were also convinced that the root cause was emotional.


Psychosomatic pain is not at all an uncommon condition and yet many times people are treated within the scope of the practitioner’s training without being referred out for Hypnotherapy.  On a general pain scale from 0 to 10 people tend to walk around with pain ranging from a 5 to a 10 most of the time and unfortunately never realize that proper Hypnotherapy Training can help you to resolve yours and another’s pain within minutes.


The hypnotic state is not hard to achieve.  Gaining access to the subconscious mind is relatively easy.  Proof that the subconscious mind can control bodily functions and sensations is abundant.  It would then lead us to ask the question:  Why are more people not receiving valid Hypnotherapy Training to learn hypnosis to resolve pain.


The woman mentioned here was brought from a pain level of 6 down to a 0 within about 30 minutes.  This included an in depth interview that discussed not only her physical pain, but also her mental, emotional and even spiritual condition.  Once a complete and relatively short intake was complete, then various hypnotic techniques were performed under the Neuro-Linguistic Programming model of TOTE – Test, Operate, Test, Exit.


Here the Hypnotherapist continues to use various techniques based upon a client-centered feedback system that allows for the many mental layers associated with pain to be transformed.  A person is then led from pain, anxiety, feeling helpless and spiritually disconnected to a place of peace, love, forgiveness, and comfort which permeates body, mind, soul and spirit.  In the case of my recent client her husband was sitting in the room and when his wife was in this blessed state I actually said to him “Now isn’t that beautiful?”  He could do nothing but agree with a large smile on his face as well.


Hypnotherapy Training demands us to raise the standards of what it means to learn hypnosis in a way that is truly effective on all levels.  We cannot just treat symptoms, yet must learn hypnotherapy in a way that embraces all levels of one’s being and allows for long-lasting change where pain is simply seen as an opportunity to help a person heal their entire sense of self.  Learn hypnosis and pain management by visiting us for a free hypnotherapy class at