In truth there is no past.


When we speak of using hypnosis to heal or hypnotherapy to heal the past, we are really talking about
transforming that which is lingering from the past in the present to create a better future.


In the NOW we live with pain that is held onto from the past. It is only in the NOW that we can release
the pain and it is only in the NOW that we create a better future. Therefore, Hypnotherapy Courses that
Heal the Past must understand the importance of The Power of Now.


When we perform a hypnotic regression to the cause of one’s suffering we do that in the NOW. The
memories exist only in the present. Hypnotherapy Education is not a course in time travel. Learning
true Hypnotherapy is an education in present moment awareness and a beginner’s mind that causes us
to understand the true root cause of suffering.


When we suffer in the present it is never for the reason that we think. We tend to blame outside
conditions or the diagnosis that we’ve been given, yet seldom do we make the deep connections to
unresolved memories that are still affecting us today.


When a Hypnotherapist helps us to find the root cause of our problems, he or she is guiding us more
and more into an internal state of amplified awareness where memories, beliefs and emotions can be
amplified. Here, a person in hypnosis is not unconscious or out of control, in fact they are more aware
and more empowered to explore their own deep inner mind and to find the true root cause of their
problem through hypnotherapy.


Proper training in hypnosis allows the practitioner to heal the past by bridging back to the past that is
stored within the subconscious memory that exists in the present moment. It may not be a repressed
and unknown memory, yet it is usually a memory that still is unresolved and still has a “charge” to it.
Through powerful regression therapy protocols, the past can be healed with hypnosis.


It is never too late to change your past.


Hypnotherapy education is a journey into the very heart of who we truly are. It is so much more than
just hypnosis training. It is a process that heals the heart of the human race one person at a time. This
work occurs in the NOW. It occurs in State-Licensed Hypnotherapy Schools and it occurs with the
deepest levels of honoring the sacred in transformational relationships at the Florida Institute of