I would like to address one of the most valuable lessons I have gained from going through my training at TFIOH.  My teacher mentioned an important factor towards the beginning of school in helping not only the client, but something that would help us all in our own lives.  He said it is important to see the client as whole, perfect, and complete.  To see them as if they have already accomplished their goals.  This struck a chord in me.  I started to think of why this would be important.  My mind brought me to many spiritual teachings I have studied that all speak of this same concept.  The importance of this deals with separating them from their behaviors, and instead, seeing them for who they truly are.  I would describe this as unconditional love.


As hypnotherapists, being able to see clients as whole and already healed, you have the ability to alter the client's issue on an energetic and vibrational level.  Doing this creates a space of wholeness for the client so they can reach their goal more openly. As the hypnotherapist, it also eliminates ego. In other words, it separates you from your negative perceptions so that you can allow the client to reach their highest potential for growth.

 When I saw the importance of this, I began to look at my life, and more specifically, how I was looking at those around me.  I didn't like what I saw.  I began to see the judgment I put on people and how I would see straight to their flaws.  So I started to apply this teaching.  I found that it is no easy task.  I'm still continuously training my mind to look past the behaviors of others and to  see  the beauty and wholeness in everyone for who they truly are.   Through the awareness of this teaching, not only have I  improved myself as a hypnotherapist now able to help my clients reach their goals, but in my everyday life I can now look past flaws to more accurately see others' true potential.  I am now able to see the oneness and love of all.  I can't begin to say enough on how important this is  in helping others and ourselves.  I hope this will inspire you to look past the flaws in others, and through to one's heart and goals.


"When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change"