What is spirituality?  It’s not about religion or a spiritual path.  It’s about direct experience of love.  It’s an experience that comes from within.  It’s an experience that there’s something that’s much more, that’s much richer, much deeper than just being a body, a set of emotions, a bunch of bio-chemicals and a brain/mind.  Opening to spirituality opens you to a sense of oneness consciousness.  It opens you to the peace and the joy that’s inside all of us.  It allows for a life of meaning, and feeling connected to others in a deeper way.  There is a feeling that you want to do something truly meaningful and rewarding.  With that level of understanding of spirituality, integrity comes to mind; the feeling that you want to exude integrity.  You can choose to fill your mind, using hypnotic techniques, with the qualities of Spirit.  That includes high values, high ethics, high standards.  That means doing everything with the highest standard that you can hold yourself to, so you can feel truly proud of what you did.  You could feel that you have no regrets and you don’t have to feel any shame because you lived from your highest levels of integrity and ethics. 


Everybody wants to be peaceful and happy.  Everybody likes abundance and prosperity.  We like to be financially free.  Hypnotherapy can guide you to your full potential.  It can help you to be free on every level.  The power of your own mind and the power of Divine Mind together is absolutely able to set you free.  Spirituality is important in everything we do.  It’s crucial in our relationships.  It’s imperative in our career and finances.  It’s vital to our health.  When we are rooted in spirit, everything guides us into positive experiences.  Hypnotherapy is a great tool because it’s rooted in the understanding of the spirit/mind/body connection, not just the mind/body connection.  A hypnotherapist can help you sort out your experience of Spirit.  Spirituality is about being, it’s just about doing..  Why would spirituality be important?  It helps uncover the incredible power that you have to consciously co-create the life you would like to live.  We are talking about life mastery - that is, success in every life category:  health (physical, mental, emotional), relationships, career and finances, and all of the extras.  How would you like to feel?  How would you like to be?  Spirituality brings about fulfillment.  Once you open to the spiritual level, you tap into a power that allows you to manifest such a beautiful, fulfilling life.  Try listening to some of the free online classes on this site for more about hypnotherapy and spirituality.


Edited transcript of “Spirituality and Hypnotherapy Training” online class.