Few people realize that the very essence of true transformation is very simple and very easy.  Those of us in the care giving professions attempt to complicate our relationships by playing the role of judge by diagnosing and labeling our clients.  In such a relationship there is already a mindset on the part of the would-be healer that is looking for problems – and if we look for something we will indeed find it.
The primary aim of Hypnotherapy is not to look for problems.  There is a place for our medical community where illness is detected, diagnosed and treated, yet there must also be a place where sacred relationships are honored and higher principles of healing are applied.  In Interpersonal Hypnotherapy our students are not trained to diagnose, judge or label the client in any way.  Rather, we are trained to see the client as perfect, whole and complete.  This is rather hard to do when our clients come to us with clear physical, mental and emotional upsets.
Interpersonal Hypnotherapy works through relationships.  It works because the relationship is the place where we honor the sacred within ourselves and within our clients.  It works because it is in our own minds that we learn not to judge and to always see that the client is already healed.  This does not put us in a place of being naïve; rather it puts us in a place where we are simply willing to see beyond all superficial layers of disharmony and to look deeper within to find the pure goodness that resides at the heart of every human being.
In A Course in Miracles it acknowledges that the patient is healed the moment that the therapist ceases to judge the patient.  It also goes on to say that this is not the curriculum of the world.  The world’s curriculum is rooted in concepts, judgments and an endless compartmentalizing into more and more categories of physical and mental illness.  For those of us who honor the incredible power of the mind we can easily see the importance of a perspective that brings about change in a person’s life without creating more separation.
Interpersonal Hypnotherapy is rooted in a model of oneness.  It works based on the Course in Miracles notion that there is only one problem and only one solution.  The problem is separation and the solution is oneness.  In this model all healing occurs in and through relationships.  Therefore in Interpersonal Hypnotherapy our primary goal is to honor the sacredness of relationships and not to tarnish them with a model of judgment and separation, yet rather one of inner-connectedness and love.