At the heart of every human being we find what we call the subconscious mind.  This is to say that within our emotional selves we discover a level of awareness that is not always examined by the conscious mind.  In Hypnotherapy we gain direct access to the true heart of the mind – the emotional subconscious mind.  However, in many forms of therapy and even in Clinical Hypnotherapy many practitioners only look at memories, beliefs and emotions, yet at the root of every emotion is a relationship.
Interpersonal Hypnotherapy Training guides us to look at the relationships within ourselves when it comes to our emotions.  It asks us to examine why we feel the way we do and inevitably the result is that we discover that we do not feel our way through this world alone.  At the heart of the subconscious mind we find an inner child who is very much interested in his or her relationship with others.  If the child feels hurt he calls for love.  If the child feels fear he turns to his parent for safety.  If we think about it from this perspective we can see how all hypnotherapy must be rooted in understanding the relationships that reside in the subconscious mind.
We could call this “intrapersonal” since we are talking about the relationships within ourselves, yet these relationships do not exist in isolation either.  When we speak of our inner child we also speak of our inner parent, yet when we speak of our inner parent we are also speaking of our “outer” parent.  In true healing there is no separation.
In Hypnotherapy Training we understand the importance of transforming the inner mind, yet we also understand the importance of transferring this deep inner change into our everyday lives.  Interpersonal Hypnotherapy Training creates better relationships because it teaches us how to interact with others in the outside world.  For instance, once we learn to be kind to our inner child, then we learn to be kind to our children.  When we can learn to love ourselves as adults we come to love others as adults.  And when we heal the relationship within with our inner parent, then naturally our relationship with our parents in our day-to-day lives will improve as well.
Hypnotherapy Training for many years was rooted in symptom relief.  Now, more and more, Hypnotherapy Schools focus on finding the memories that cause these symptoms.  It is here at the Florida Institute of Hypnotherapy that we not only look for memories as the root cause, we look for relationships.  Once we do this everything changes and once we do this it can only improve the relationships in our external realities as well.