Hypnotherapy is all about your acceptance of beneficial suggestions. Really beneficial suggestions that can make a big difference in your life, they can change the way you think and feel about yourself and others. We often use terms like forgiveness, spirituality, enlightenment and they can be easily over used.
Even the word love, we may say it, but do we really mean it, do we feel it in our heart? Forgiveness brings with it love, and it all starts with self forgiveness. And if you’ve never told yourself that you are forgiven and that you forgive yourself, you should try it.
Try to accept self forgiveness on every level. The first time the part of you that needs to hear it, accepts it, you will feel a level of peace that remains with you. You will know at the deepest level that Spirit has already forgiven you. You know in your heart that you are worthy of all good things.
Another part of hypnotherapy is about not just knowing ourselves as our bodies or as our transcendent selves, but an integration of the two as part of a whole life that is fulfilling and successful. This can be thought of as descending. When you are hypnotized or meditate, you can reach some wonderful and peaceful, loving feelings and awareness.
The idea in descending is to imbue your every day life with this awareness and feeling. Take a moment and bridge the two realities. When you go into deep hypnosis or deep meditation, you experience the essence of your being and you find the love, the peace, the joy and the goodness.
After the session, come back to your physical awareness but you can stay in that state after you open your eyes. With practice, eventually this concept of descending means you’re bringing your true essence into the world. Hypnotherapy training helps you to be able to bring your spirituality into every moment.
Making a dream board can help you move into it as well. You include your spirituality on a dream board, showing how you picture it in your overall life plan. With a dream board, you create powerful images in your mind as part of creating your life.
The thing is not just to create the pictures, it’s something that happens when you start to bring truth and consistency and spirituality into daily life.  Life starts to synthesize.  It coalesces in a way to where things are not so divergent or discordant.
You are a spiritual being having a human experience.
Hypnosis can help bring that reality into high definition!