We have all heard that communication is only 7% verbal and yet the truth is that in most Hypnotherapy we are highly attached to auditory language patterns.  We know this to be so because working with people who are hard of hearing or even deaf using Hypnotherapy can be almost impossible.
When a client closes his or her eyes, the truth is that 90+% of the communication is auditory.  We can paint pictures using our words, yet these words are still sound vibrations that require ears that can hear.  When we ask someone to feel their emotions and to connect kinesthetically, we still are using our words and asking their eardrums to vibrate.
When it comes down to it, Hypnosis Training is a highly auditory exercise.  However, how can we strengthen our communications by understanding non-verbal communications?
We can begin with the Hypnotherapy intake.  When a client is sitting in front of us we have the ability to communicate in many ways, yet most importantly our intention needs to be one of love, kindness, compassion and non-judgment.  When we align our own perceptions to see the client as perfect, whole and complete, then we automatically convey a sense of trust and rapport.  When we are real, authentic, honest and sincere, the client picks up on this.  It comes out in our body language and if we are comfortable within ourselves, then others are naturally comfortable with us.
Hypnosis Training often pulls from NLP –Neuro-Linguistic Programming where Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic cues from the client are observed and where the Hypnotherapist mirrors and matches those of the client.  When this is done with integrity and sincerity is makes for powerful Hypnotherapy sessions, yet when it is done as a technique, then we lose the authenticity and the client senses this on both verbal and non-verbal, and conscious and subconscious levels.
Hypnosis Training is a sacred practice.  Educating others in touching the very hearts of fellow human beings is a truly blessed act.  If we teach covert techniques without teaching love, then we lose the heart of what it means to be a healer.  If Hypnosis or NLP Training fail to see other people as equals, then such training lead a potential healer into realms of persuasion, manipulation and a general loss of integrity.  However, when Hypnosis Training is rooted in love, then all non-verbal communications are automatically beneficial for the client and beneficial for the Hypnotherapist as well.