Living a Spirit-centered life is part of living a self-actualized life.  When your spirituality, mental/emotional health, physical health, career/finances and relationships have become very integrated, not so divergent, then your life becomes so simple and easy and beautiful.  That’s a good picture to paint about how to have a self-actualized life.
Focus on these words:  health, love, forgiveness, harmony, abundance, balance.  You can actually make a living using your spirituality, your passion; not just by working for a religious or non-profit organization (although these are wonderful methods as well).
Hypnotherapists trained by the Florida Institute of Hypnotherapy are taught to employ their spirituality into the hypnotic protocols in order to bring about healthy, peaceful, loving, forgiving experiences in their clients.  It’s a wonderful way to earn a living, giving all that goodness to others in a beneficial way. 
The best part of giving these experiences is that the hypnotherapist gets them, too.  It’s a synergistic experience.  The reason the students are taught to use their spirituality is because they are working with non-ordinary states of consciousness.  It’s incredibly important to have high ethics while using altered-states. 
When a person is hypnotized, they are in an altered state but they are not asleep.  They are more aware.  A person who’s in hypnosis is in a state of hypersensitivity.  A hypnotized person has let down their psychic defenses and has opened up and relaxed.  The hypnotherapist and the client become connected.  When you connect with someone, all of your chakras are aligned.  When you are connected to someone like that, your wholeness, your integrity, and your values are going to be felt by the other person nonverbally, energetically. 
We know that communication is only about seven percent verbal.  The words are only a small part of what’s being delivered.  So your own integrity and high ethics are what is being sensed here. 
If you are coming from a place of Spirit, it is the highest integrity and ethics that exist.  It’s loving, forgiving, harmonious and balanced.  Spirit is what makes the experience synergistic as well.  If a hypnotherapy session is grounded in spirituality, ethics are not a question. 
Some ethics are based on using logic to figure out an ethical solution to a problem.  But ethics is more about the heart and Spirit, not something you can learn intellectually.  The ethics can’t be philosophical, they can’t be intellectual.  They have to come from Spirit. 
That’s what makes becoming a hypnotherapist a wonderful opportunity for a spiritual person.  It’s a wonderful opportunity to incorporate your passion of spirituality into your lifestyle in a meaningful way, and to help you to become more self-actualized.  Why not listen to a class and see what you think?