Hypnotherapy training is all about relationships.  Even if it is teaching self-hypnosis or learning hypnosis for one’s self or one’s family and friends we become aware right away about the importance of how we interact with others.  When using non-ordinary states of consciousness, better known as hypnosis, we are required to hold higher ethical standards than helping modalities that do not so deeply influence other people.  In short, to improve interpersonal skills with hypnosis, we must function from a place of a true healer.
When we learn NLP and mirroring and matching techniques, we often learn the basics of building rapport with another person.  When we sit and match the person’s general demeanor, body language, gestures, and tone of voice, etc. we are essentially building rapport on subconscious levels.  Assuming that this practice is not consciously noticed by our clients, then Hypnotherapists and NLP practitioners are in a powerful place to make positive change in the lives of our clients.
In Interpersonal Hypnotherapy and true Hypnotherapy Education, we must remember that we all want love.  We can mirror and match another person to covertly guide them to do what we want, yet according to A Course in Miracles, “Love is incapable of asking for anything.”  If we learn hypnosis to only think that we will be able to control others, then we miss the entire point of what it means to interact with another fellow human being.
In our essence we are love.  When we sit with another person who is not feeling love, then we can notice in their body language that they may be scared.  Their shoulders may hunch forward, they may be wringing their hands, they may be crossing their arms or legs, or exhibiting any number of observable signs of not being at ease.
Mirroring and matching using NLP and Hypnosis can help us to pace the client’s reality without asking them to open up too quickly.  When we learn hypnosis we learn to go at a pace that the client is comfortable with.  If we ask someone to open up too quickly, then we a liable to cause more fear.  It is never the role of a healer to cause more fear.  If we understand that Hypnotherapy is rooted in love, then we gently observe where a person is at during any given interaction and we consciously and mindfully guide them back to a state of peace, joy and love.  There is no other agenda in Hypnotherapy Training than to remember it is only a return to love.