When you align your goals with your Spirituality, you are aligning with love, peace, harmony, joy, oneness and guidance.  Things tend to flow really smoothly when you are co-creating from that place.  By contrast, if you are co-creating from your ego, you are creating your life but you don’t really know that you’re doing it.  Things just seem to happen to you, and you make no correlation between what and how you think and the things that happen to you.  If our subconscious mind is allowed to run things, it will default to the programming it received during early childhood, not really an optimal way to run your life.
Hypnotherapy helps bring your spirituality into your everyday life.  When you are coming from a place of your highest spirituality, people can sense it.  They resonate with it and they want it.  It’s just being your authentic self but it comes across in everything you do.  So, first it’s being, then it’s doing.  Spirituality is about the being.  You can tell when something makes you feel alive.  You should follow that.  If you have found a spiritual path that inspires you, that is your inner guidance saying, “yes.”  A truly free, healthy, spiritual life involves being in touch with who you really are.  Hypnotherapy can be a very fast way to get to that place of knowing your path, and walking it joyfully.  You can have the self-assuredness that you know who you are, where you are going and what your mission is.  It’s not always easy but when everything lights up inside, you know you’ve made the right choice.  It’s a good idea to listen to your inner voice.
The more you understand the power of your mind, the easier things become.  You can become more and more self- actualized by bringing your spirituality into every moment of your life.  You have the opportunity to live your life by words like oneness, compassion, service.  It can be your authentic reality.  Living from those energies is what it’s all about.  That’s the secret of life.  Spirit uses you at the highest level you can vibrate from.  So if you are capable of teaching love, forgiveness, transformation and healing, you will be called to it.  You will feel passionate about it.  This is why true hypnotherapy is impossible without spirituality.  Hypnosis is about direct experience and so is spirituality.  You can have a life of meaning and of purpose.  You deserve it.  You can help others to have it, too.  Listen to your higher self.  You’ll be glad you did.