Hypnotherapy is well known for dealing with fears and phobias and therefore any hypnotherapy course should clearly focus on what must be done to eliminate the root cause of fear in general. When we learn hypnosis we learn to clearly remove symptoms and in many hypnosis trainings we learn to eliminate root causes. Fear is not a root cause. It arises out of underlying memories and belief systems that respond to present day perceptions. Generally speaking we have two ways to conquer fear using altered states. One is hypnotherapy and the other is meditation. Here we shall briefly explore the difference in the way we use these terms.
Hypnotherapy has the ability to get the underlying memories that cause present day fears. It is very effective in accessing the subconscious mind’s “data-banks” where we store past events, limiting beliefs and usually a lot of inner conflict. In depth Hypnotherapy Training teaches us to access these memories, process them thoroughly and then transform old beliefs and emotions into those of peace, love and joy.
Meditation (as we will define it here) allows us to transcend our individual sense of self, which includes all of these memories, beliefs, emotions, as well as that of both the conscious and subconscious minds.
In a transcendent state of meditation we do not necessarily eliminate the problem, yet we pull our energy out of it and in time those old energies simply fade away.
At the Florida Institute of Hypnotherapy we teach about the importance of both processes. Students who learn hypnosis learn in depth Hypnotherapy modalities that clear deep seated blocks and in our Transpersonal Hypnotherapy training they learn deep meditation to transcend these blocks.
As we learn hypnosis we discover a gradual process of transforming and releasing old blockages that nolonger serve us, yet this can take some time and always has a limitation as to what the deeper meditative teachings have to offer. Hypnotherapy is very valuable, yet when we add in the methods of meditation then we tap into an immediate source of peace, higher wisdom and freedom that are not always acknowledged in basic hypnosis trainings.
Through meditation we do not actually conquer fear. We simply rise above it. That which is unsettledsettles down and we rest in the pure peace of our very essence – our true nature. The more time we spend here, the easier it is to return.
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