You may have heard that being in contact with your Higher Self is the best way to make life decisions.  Higher Self is supposed to help you choose the best career, find your soul mate, help with health decisions such as which foods to eat, and perhaps also help with life’s disappointments or difficult decisions.  It’s true, Higher Self is the best source of advice and perspective for these things.  But have you ever asked, who or what is my Higher Self?  How do I contact this Higher Self?  The term Higher Self also means Spirit and Super-conscious Mind.  You may have been thinking of yourself as your body and your ego.  When we identify ourselves as just a body and an ego, it seems as if we have a higher self but it also can seem that we are not this higher self.  It seems as if the higher self is separate from who we are.  The words that we think with can actually limit our experiences because of how those words structure our reality.  So much of how we feel and how we live our everyday lives has to do with how we are defining ourselves using words.  
Deeper than that is the importance of direct experience.  In meditation it sometimes feels that there’s a higher and a lower, the lover and the beloved.  As we go deeper, sometimes those boundaries start to fade.  It can become hard to distinguish who is lower and who is higher, who is the lover and who is the beloved.  This is called the I Am state, where we identify with Higher Self.  Wisdom comes through in this state, the simple divine truth comes through.  Joy and love come through as well.  Now it’s possible to perceive this source of wisdom and knowledge and this reliable guide that is always there with you, and is you.  At some point, with practice, you basically have the awareness of this source of wisdom without having to always be in an altered state of consciousness.  At the same time, feelings of love and joy and confidence become more and more your “normal” way to be.  
Hypnotherapists trained at the Florida Institute of Hypnotherapy have experienced the I Am state.  They can bring about your I Am state during hypnosis to help you have a direct experience and to help you receive the answers that Higher Self provides.  If you decide to train at the Florida Institute of Hypnotherapy, at the start there is quite often a lot of body and ego identification because you may not have really explored your subconscious mind.  As the training progresses, you start exploring your super-conscious mind.  You realize it’s part of your identity.  The higher self is where we are all connected.  It’s a wonderful perspective to have.