Interpersonal Hypnotherapy Training is a unique style of Hypnotherapy as taught at the Florida Institute of Hypnotherapy.  Its general principles honor the universal principles found within many of the world’s great spiritual and wisdom traditions.  Just like any new invention or modality, it is not necessarily new, yet it is a refinement upon what many have done for hundreds and even thousands of years before.

A key difference in Interpersonal Hypnotherapy Training is that we do not treat symptoms at all.  Therefore, “sleep disorders” are not even on our radar.  A client might come in with sleep problems, yet in Interpersonal Hypnotherapy we know that the cause must be addressed and therefore the symptom is relatively meaningless when it comes to the protocols themselves.
At the root of Interpersonal Hypnotherapy Training is the understanding that relationships are at the heart of all true transformation.  In this brief article we cannot explain the entire transpersonal process, yet we can jump right to the heart of the matter and state that within all mental disturbances there is some level of unforgiveness and this unforgiveness is always rooted in a relationship of some sort.
When a person has trouble sleeping we might acknowledge many reasons.  These could be environmental (loud noises), physiological (excess caffeine) or perhaps any other number of variables that should all be considered.  However when someone has trouble sleeping we want to ensure that they are at peace at the deepest levels of their being.  Regardless of all other factors, we must eliminate any root causes that deal with fear, worry, stress, anxiety or just general upset.
Interpersonal Hypnotherapy Training acknowledges that peace is the inevitable result of any true transformational hypnotherapy process.  We might use other words like love, joy, bliss or contentment, yet in the end we must be sure that we are not only at peace with ourselves, but also with the relationships both within and without.
Hypnotherapy education does not put major emphasis on relationships, yet Interpersonal Hypnotherapy requires that our students learn to look immediately for the relationship that is most in need of healing.  Not being at peace does not happen in isolation.  Not being at peace always involves some other person in some other way.  Even if we are upset with ourselves, then interpersonal hypnotherapy looks to what is known as the inner critic (who forms a relationship with that which is known as the inner child).  In the end we end up bringing a person to peace through self-love and self-forgiveness where forgiveness and love for others naturally arises. Through this we know peace and through this we generally sleep better at night.