Most of us have challenges that we face on a regular basis.  Since you already know that, you probably don’t think about it much.  We are human, we deal with challenges the best we can whenever they come up.  If you were to take a moment to look at nature, you might notice how harmonious it is.  Human beings seem to be able to get disjointed from the harmoniousness of nature.  We seem to habitually lose touch with our authentic selves.  Challenges can actually be an opportunity to step back a moment and move back into your heart.  You can remember to honor the Spirit in you.  You can remember to forgive yourself and everyone else involved, and to have compassion.
Take a moment to release the past and forget about the future.  Think about love and let yourself feel your connection to nature.  Invite yourself to feel safe and comforted.  Allow yourself to feel how your heart resonates with the earth.  You are grounded.  You are guided.  Let yourself feel good the goodness of that.  You can sense the energy in you, strong like the sun.  You can begin to awaken your own sense of personal power.  You are resourceful.  You are strong.  You are capable.  Challenges can help you remember these feelings.  You can decide to embrace challenges with all of your confidence and strength.   The more you practice this, the easier it becomes.  You will find you have within you a calm, strong confidence springing from your spirituality.  If you focus on it, it unfolds more and more each day.
Meditate on the comfort of the harmoniousness of nature.  Think about the feeling of comfort and to relax.  Allow yourself to feel your own self-worth, self-confidence and inner strength.  Be comfortable with that.  When you meditate, open yourself to the higher energies and let your heart be at peace.  Remember, you are doing your best and that is more than good enough.  The same energy that is guiding the entire universe is guiding you.  You are here to express who you are and no one else can do that.  You are a unique expression of Source.
Hypnosis is also a way to get in touch with this knowledge.  You can learn how to hypnotize yourself and how to give yourself suggestions like these to help you with your challenges.  You can go for a session with a qualified hypnotherapist to have these types of suggestions firmly rooted into your subconscious mind.  A hypnotherapist who has trained with the Florida Institute of Hypnotherapy knows how to do this.  You can even learn how to help others feel like they can handle their challenges by taking the hypnotherapy course yourself.