Hypnotherapy Trainings almost always have their unique beauty to them.  Most people interested in hypnosis tend to be quite open-minded and embrace relatively easily the ideas of non-physical realities. However, there are many hypnosis trainings that try to remain “down-to-earth” and leave out of their core curriculums the very valuable and life-transforming teachings found in Transpersonal Hypnotherapy.
The reason the Florida Institute of Hypnotherapy has kept Transpersonal Hypnotherapy training at the heart of all that we do is that to remove the reality of spirit from our work is simply inconceivable.  Once a person embraces the reality of being a spiritual being having a human experience, then any transformational work seems quite shallow and meaningless if Transpersonal components are not integrated.
To learn hypnosis through valid hypnotherapy training, then those who are spiritually-minded will find high educational standards in combination with a deep spirituality to be a welcome relief.  However, having found a true postsecondary vocational institute for hypnotherapy and one that is deeply spiritually minded, then we must ask the question:  How does Transpersonal Hypnotherapy work?
The answer is not easy because we first must define what Transpersonal Hypnotherapy is, yet at our Institute this constitutes well over 100 hours of training as part of a 500 hour plus curriculum.  Generally how transpersonal hypnotherapy works is that it taps into the immense power and knowledge of superconscious mind.  It allows us access to parts of our being that would otherwise be inaccessible.  Yet for those who honor the spiritual nature of the human being, then this part of the transformational process become all important.
How it works depends on what technique we are referring to.  Transpersonal Hypnotherapy techniques include:  Past-Life Regression, Life-Between-Life Regression, Astral Projection, Remote Viewing, Lucid Dreaming, Meditation, Spiritual Counseling, Higher Self Work, Entity Releasement Work and Dealing with the Phenomena of Hypnosis and Alien Abduction.  Therefore to explain how the Transpersonal model works would require a separate article for each of these techniques.
The interested reader can visit the Florida Institute of Hypnotherapy’s website at www.tfioh.com and find the Free Online Hypnosis Classes posted at: http://www.tfioh.com/Self-Improvement-Class-Downloads.html.  Here you will find hundreds of free hours of classes that cover many topics about hypnosis including: Healing with Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy, Success in Hypnotherapy, A Course in Miracles and Hypnotherapy, Interviews, Hypnosis for Prosperity Programming and many other topics spanning years of recordings made available to the public.