Dear Readers,
I have reached the end of my training at FIH. I now have completed well over 500 hours of comprehensive training, and a wonderful life journey. It has truly been a pleasure to be able to share with you my experiences along the way. My time here has seemed to go in the blink of an eye. I know many of you can say the same. There are no words that describe well enough how amazing and uplifting my time and training here have been. From the moment I started this adventure ’til now, I have transformed into a different person. This school helped me to see who I truly am. I have gained a broader perspective on life, my heart is fully open, and I have learned true compassion. My mission has became clear to me; I choose to live this life time (and all future!) in happiness, compassion, and love. I now choose to be an explorer of life, and to appreciate all experiences good or bad. I choose to spread to the world the healing that I have learned from hypnotherapy as well as all the other modalities I have learned.
At FIH, we are taught not only beautiful techniques that truly help others to heal on the deepest levels, but also lessons of compassion and oneness, things that aren’t taught anywhere else. I look forward in continuing the work of Hypnotherapy, as I see the beautiful change it made in my life, I know the world will benefit from it as much as I.
In these past seven months, I have gained amazing knowledge and education, created many beautiful bonds of friendship, and experienced extraordinary healing and personal transformation, all of which is priceless. It has been a privilege to share this growth with others and to watch each other transform. To most of us, graduation is bittersweet, having such a great experience yet seeing this chapter coming to a close. However, it is not a door closing, but the beginning of a new path, one where we get to apply these teachings of hypnotherapy to the world, and spread what we have learned as far as we can in order to give others what we have been given.
I would like to give thanks to all involved in the school and its vision. Jessica (Aika), Beth, Monica, my instructors  Dave, Cheryl, Debbie, and Matthew. To past, present, and future students and to all others involved, I thank you as well.  This experience has been truly inspiring.
I would like to give special appreciation to the visionary, Matthew Brownstein, who opened his heart and invited us in, sharing his wisdom, knowledge, and compassion. To Matthew, I honor the person you are and the work you are doing to spread love throughout the world.
Now that we have come this far, learned so much, and transformed so much, I encourage all of us to spread this bigger vision. To create a paradigm shift with what we have learned, and to continue to grow and expand. Again I am appreciative for all of the experiences I have gained at FIH and through hypnotherapy. I’ve gained the world, and encourage all to join in the experience. Let's get out there, master our craft, and utilize our gifts. Greater and bigger things are to come.

If the path be beautiful, let us not ask where it leads.
-Anatole France
It is the ultimate luxury to combine passion and contribution. Its also a very clear path to happiness.
-Sheryl Sandberg

In much appreciation, light, and love always